Nintendo Switch 2 reveal is reportedly coming soon, here’s when

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Though Nintendo continues to deny the existence of a next-gen gaming console, leakers seem to unanimously agree that the “Switch 2” will have a reveal event in the near future.

The lack of a Nintendo Switch 2 has been painful in many ways. The original Nintendo Switch hit shelves in 2017 and 2023 officially marked the longest gap between Nintendo’s mainline console releases, a record previously held by the long gap between the Wii U and Switch. Making matters arguably worse is how dated the existing Switch feels in terms of both its graphics and its actual hardware, with shotty Bluetooth and an inability to connect to 5GHz WiFi.

Although different versions have come out since 2017, such as the Switch Lite and Switch OLED, Nintendo surprisingly avoided any sort of hardware improvements, save for an OLED screen. Now in 2024, the wait has officially become painful. Thankfully, it might be over soon.

When will the Switch 2 be revealed?

March 2024 will reportedly be the Switch 2’s reveal date, though there hasn’t been an exact reveal date pegged.

Leakers and reporters are all agreeing on March 2024 as a reveal date for the Switch 2. In his Game & Talk podcast, Nate claims that Nintendo plans to reveal its new console in March. However, he currently has no information about what the unveiling of the news will look like.

Another Nintendo-focused reporter, Felipe Lima, corroborates Nate’s claim. He took to Famiboards, a notable Nintendo-focused forum, to support Nate’s statements about a March 2024 reveal date. Both NateTheHate and Felipe Lima have a history of accurately pegging the dates and contents of Nintendo Direct events. NateTheHate also was the first to report the existence of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion pack service.

A March reveal for the Nintendo Switch 2 makes sense commercially as well. The existing Switch console enjoyed a strong close to 2023, with Nintendo discussing strong sales for new bundles over the holiday season. A reveal in March allows Nintendo and retailers to pocket all that Christmas shopping revenue without having to worry about 90-day return windows.

Alongside this, NateTheHate elaborated upon others’ reports of an upcoming Nintendo Direct event. They state that instead of a Nintendo Switch 2 reveal, the event will instead be a partner showcase. This makes sense with Microsoft seemingly about to announce a third-party publishing pivot that will see games including Hi-Fi Rush arrive on Nintendo Switch.

What games are coming to the Switch 2?

No games have been officially confirmed for a next-gen Nintendo console.

Nintendo has not released any official statement regarding the Switch 2 or its potential releases, but development kits were reportedly shipped to a number of third-party publishers in 2023. This saw a number leakers who focus on specific studios claim that Nintendo Switch 2 ports for games including Grand Theft Auto 6, Persona 3 Reload, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake were being tested, considered, or actively developed.

Midori, a leaker who has accurately broken news on Atlus and Sega games, reported that some of Sega’s upcoming revival titles will be released on Nintendo’s next console. These include the likes of Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and Virtua Fighter. Reports have stated that the Nintendo Switch 2 release date will be between September 2024 and December 2024.

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