Analysts predict Nintendo Switch 2 screen size, and if it’s OLED

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Analysts discussed the likely specs and capabilities of the Nintendo Switch 2, including its likely screen size and release window.

Nintendo hasn’t released a new mainline console in over seven years. That is the longest gap between major releases in Nintendo’s history. The previous record holder was the gap between the Wii U in November 2012 and the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. 

The Nintendo Switch has sold over 132 million units as it nears the end of its lifespan. As the second highest-selling console for the company, the Nintendo Switch 2 has huge shoes to fill. The Switch 2’s development cycle has likely stretched because of this. As its potential release approaches, analysts are painting a clearer picture of the mystery console.

Nintendo Switch 2 screen size estimates

The Switch 2 will reportedly have an 8-inch LCD screen.

Speculations about what the Switch 2 might be like have been rampant, but an industry analyst revealed new information. Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayasa, who specializes in small-medium display technologies, noted Nintendo’s manufacturing habits are clues to what the Switch 2 will be like.

The Osaka-based Sharp Corp stated it was supplying LCDs to an upcoming console. Although the company in question went unnamed, many speculated it was Nintendo. Sharp previously worked with Nintendo as a Switch assembler to stabilize production during the pandemic. If Nintendo is the client for these LCD screens, then Sharp could be playing a big part in the Switch 2’s manufacturing.

With details still murky regarding the Nintendo Switch 2’s specs, analysts and tech experts have been filling in some of the gaps about what the console will likely be like and what it will be capable of.

Will Nintendo Switch 2 have an OLED screen?

All predictions and analysis of the Switch 2 suggests the launch model will have an LCD screen. An OLED screen could potentially come at a later date.

Although no news confirms the development of OLED screens for the Switch 2, history shows that Nintendo is open to the idea. Nintendo released a higher-end OLED version of the original Switch in October 2021, four years after its initial release. This could foretell a Switch 2 OLED Model, but there’s no guarantee. There’s been little rhyme or reason to what Nintendo’s next-gen refresh might be, and precedent says the hardware could be made bigger like the 3DS XL, smaller like the Game Boy Pocket, stronger like the New 3DS, or have different features like the DSi.

An upgrade in both hardware and software has been a long time coming. Speculations from analysts believe the Switch 2’s release window is September 2024 to November 2024. Nintendo historically does very well during the holiday rush, so fans may want to start saving. 

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