Twitch tweaks streamer revenue split after confirming money woes

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Twitch is implementing major changes to its revenue split amid a series of shakeups stemming from the company’s poor financial state.

Twitch is no stranger to criticism of its revenue split program. The platform takes 50% of most creators’ revenues, and 30% from those who are in the exclusive Partner Plus Program. Competitors, like Kick, have used the revenue split as a selling point to attract content creators, offering a 95/5 split. The platform discussed a new setup for this revenue split in a statement on the official blog.

Starting in 2024, the Partner Plus Program will be known as the Plus Program. The program will become available to a broader group of creators, and will no longer be limited to partnered streamers. To access the program, creators must consistently maintain 100 Plus Points for three months to access level one. At this tier, creators will access a 60-40 split. Twitch streamers who maintain 300 Plus Points will enjoy the best Twitch revenue split available, at 70-30.

How do creators obtain Plus Points?

Streamers on Twitch accumulate Plus Points based on their number of subscribers and the tiers of those subscriptions.

A tier-one subscription equals one point, a tier-two subscription is worth two points, and a tier-three is worth six points. For three consecutive months, streamers must maintain at least 100 points to be eligible for the Plus Program.

Twitch also removed the $100,000 cap in order to be part of the program. In the past, partners had to reach $100,000 in net subscription revenue annually to become part of the program. This cap has been eliminated. This system will help some high-earning streamers, but it’s not all good news when it comes to the Twitch revenue split.

Prime Gaming subscriptions to pay based on country

Viewers who are subscribed to Prime Gaming have access to a free Twitch subscription every month, it will now pay based on the country of origin.

The payout model for Prime Gaming is also changing. In the past, it followed the same 50/50 split as a regular subscription. Starting in 2024, the payout will depend on the viewer’s location. These fixed rates will change from year to year.

The countries with the highest rates are Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States paying $2.25 per Prime Gaming subscription. In Europe, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and France have the highest rates. Ukraine has the lowest rate in the continent with only $0.35 per Prime Gaming subscription.

While it’s unclear how this will play out in practice, it’s potentially bad news for streamers with large followings who are from countries where Prime subscriptions don’t pay out well. The impact of these changes to the Twitch revenue split will likely impact different streamers in every way imaginable, with some likely to benefit greatly while others have their income slashed. This change comes after Twitch CEO Dan Clancy admitted that the company is losing money.

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