Here’s the release date, new content in Mario vs Donkey Kong

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The Game Boy Advance classic Mario vs Donkey Kong is getting a Nintendo Switch remake, and its release date is confirmed while the key differences between each version have been revealed.

Mario vs Donkey Kong is a puzzle platformer spin-off series, with its first entry released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. The game sees players control Mario and go through small stages while avoiding obstacles to reach a door and advance to the next stage, utilizing controls and abilities inspired by the original Donkey Kong arcade games rather than the standard platformer fare. The 2004 cult classic is now getting a remake with many improvements and additions.

The game is being remade from the ground up and has new modes and stages alongside the old ones. Fans also have the exact date for when they can expect to get their hands on Mario and Donkey Kong’s renewed rivalry.

What is new in the 2024 remake of Mario vs Donkey Kong?

The 2024 Mario vs Donkey Kong remake introduces a co-op mode, new levels, and a casual mode.

One of the biggest additions in the Mario vs Donkey Kong remake is a new local co-op mode where the second player controls Toad. Some levels will be structured differently in co-op mode. 

While the 2004 original had an impressive number of 102 stages, the remake amps it up with 130 unique stages set across various worlds. This increase in stages is likely thanks to the two new worlds added to the remake. The first addition is an icy area called Slippery Summit, while the other is a circus area called Merry Mini-Land. Like the original, every world has its gimmicks that change the gameplay.

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2024 includes new modes like the casual mode, where players respawn immediately to a checkpoint instead of losing a life and all of their progress. A new time attack mode is unlocked after completing the campaign. These new modes mixed with improved audio and visuals, make for a fresh experience for old and new fans of the title.

Mario vs Donkey Kong remake release date confirmed

The Mario vs Donkey Kong remake is launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2024. The game is likely to be one of the final major releases for the console before the introduction of the Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever the next-gen console is officially dubbed.

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The late-2023 and 2024 release calendar for the Nintendo Switch has been dominated by remakes and remasters of fan-favorite games from past-gen consoles and handhelds. Super Mario RPG’s remake was one of the biggest holiday season releases of 2023 for Nintendo and arguably the biggest game slated for the Switch in 2024 is the remaster of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

It’s not all Super Mario games, however. Also on the calendar is a bundled remake of the Another Code series and Luigi’s Mansion 2.

The only notable original release slated for the Switch in 2024 is Princess Peach: Showtime. There are some notable third-party and multi-platform titles on the docket including Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and South Park: Snow Day.

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