Leaker claims to have Nintendo Switch 2’s exact release date, price

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A leaker has come forward with a series of claims regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 including an exact release date, price, and info on different versions of the platform.

SoldierDelta became a notable figure when they posted a set of screenshots that were allegedly from Team Ninja’s upcoming game Rise of the Ronin. Now, they’ve returned to a prominent gaming leaks Discord server with bold claims about the Nintendo Switch 2’s release date as well as other details about the new console.

The claims follow a slew of purported leaks and reports from major gaming media outlets about the mysterious new platform. Nintendo has not yet offered any details about the Nintendo Switch 2 and has yet to even officially acknowledge that it is creating a successor to the popular handheld-console hybrid.

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Leaker claims to have Nintendo Switch 2 release date and price

According to the leaker, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be released on either September 24, 2024 or November 3, 2024 and will cost $400 for a digital version or $449 for one that can use physical copies of games. The target is for September but the schedule would be pushed back to November if any issues arise.

Discussion regarding the Switch 2 has lingered for years but kicked into overdrive in July when reports surfaced that it was slated for a late 2024 release. This was followed by further reports that devkits had been distributed to some notable publishers and that a prototype was available for demonstration purposes in closed-door meetings at Gamescom 2023.

Alongside these reports from prominent outlets have been a slew of leaks and claims. Though all supposed leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, many of them overlap in terms of the claims presented.

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That Nintendo Switch 2 price is realistic given what is known about the specs of the upcoming hardware. Official documents leaked by Microsoft stated that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have specs comparable to the PlayStation 4. This would also make it comparable to the Steam Deck, which starts at $400.

That said, while the release date fits into the estimated timetables there are other more unique claims coming from SoldierDelta.

Will the Nintendo Switch 2 have two different versions at launch?

A leaker claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have a digital-only model at launch as well as a standard model.

A digital-only piece of gaming hardware from Nintendo would be a first, but wouldn’t be surprising. While Nintendo has often gone against the grain when it comes to distributing its games between the mini-disks of the Gamecube and continued use of cartridges, gamers have been opting for digital games more and more over time. This benefits console manufacturers, who have full control over their digital storefronts.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles launched with two different versions. The PlayStation 5 costs an extra $100 for a disk drive but has no difference in terms of specs. On the flipside, the Xbox Series X console has a disk drive and higher specs than the Xbox Series S.

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Nintendo has not yet had different versions of the same console at launch, but effectively pioneered the “console family” idea with the original Game Boy and its Pocket and Light iterations. This is seen to this day with the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and OLED Model.

Nintendo bringing back AR features?

SoldierDelta’s also notes that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have some manner of AR functionality. It’s unclear what this entails or how much of a focus Nintendo is putting into this.

Nintendo was ahead of the curve when it comes to AR features in gaming hardware. The Nintendo 3DS had a number of AR games that utilized the handheld’s camera. Previous leaks for the Nintendo Switch 2 have indicated that it will have a camera.

Nintendo has not confirmed anything regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 and fans shouldn’t take these leaks as confirmation. That said, the estimated price point and release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 are realistic and align with reports from more established sources regarding the console.

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