DLC for Lies of P just got accidentally confirmed by developers

lies of p dlc

The gloomy, Pinocchio-themed Soulslike game Lies of P is now to have DLC in the works and it might be coming out sooner than later.

Lies of P came out in September and garnered solid reviews from fans and critics alike. The Soulslike game takes inspiration from FromSoftware’s games like Dark Souls but mostly resembles the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. Many reviewers praised its fast gameplay and punishing difficulty. While many purists were happy with the steep learning curve, the developers recently released a patch that lowered the difficulty and made some bosses easier.

There isn’t an official announcement from Neowiz about Lies of P DLC, but the South Korean developer unintentionally confirmed that more content is coming for the game. Here’s what is known and what it may include.

How is Lies of P DLC confirmed?

Lies of P DLC was confirmed via a job posting for Round8 Studio that states that there is “DLC planned for production.”

The Korean job posting is technically for Round8 Studio working under Neowiz. The translated post explicitly indicates that the job listing is for Lies of P. The project introduction lists all the Gamescom Awards Lies of P got and then describes the game. This isn’t the first sign of the game getting DLC.

The studio also published a developer letter in September that strongly hints at future DLC for Lies of P. In the letter, game director Choi Ji Won thanks players and addresses balancing issues. At the end of the letter, the studio declares it “will be providing a roadmap of the contents planned for Lies of P as soon as it is ready.”

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What will the Lies of P DLC be about?

There is no information about what’s in the Lies of P DLC. However, plenty of fans already know where the story is headed.

The ending to Lies of P positions the game’s story to continue, though it isn’t clear whether that will come via DLC or a full-blown sequel. It’s possible that the DLC could be an epilogue, though it could simply add new content to the existing game without expanding the story.

One thing is clear, Neowiz and Round8 Studio are dedicated to Lies of P and its future. The company is proud of its work, and that’s reflected in how fast it is patching the game. Lies of P is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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