Is Lies of P a better Bloodborne game than Bloodborne?

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Reviews are in for Lies of P and by all accounts the game is about as close to being Bloodborne 2 as fans could hope for, but it’s not necessarily better than the original.

Lies of P tells the truth about its inspiration. The gothic steampunk title flaunts that it is influenced by FromSoftware games. Most reviews directly compare Lies of P with Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and most importantly Bloodborne. Even before release, the game was hyped as a “Bloodborne at home” title, something the developers never shied away from.

The unique premise, story, and combat shown in the trailers made the game an exciting release for Soulslike fans. With the release date for Lies of P approaching, reviews are coming in. By all accounts, the game stands on its own as a challenging yet rewarding title despite being openly inspired by FromSoftware games. It’s not necessarily better than the originals, though.

Is Lies of P any good?

Lies of P has an average rating above 80% according to multiple review aggregators. For the sake of comparison, Bloodborne’s average rating is over 90%.

Most reviews praise Lies of P for its graphics, level design, and uniquely dark take on the age-old tale of Pinocchio. Many reviewers label it as a must-play for any Soulslike fan. Gamers who love challenging yet rewarding gameplay will fall in love with the grim but beautiful world of Lies of P. Environmental storytelling is essential in FromSoft games, and there’s been strong praise for how it’s handled here.

For Bloodborne fans, the criticism directed at Lies of P may even make it more appealing. Reviewers who gave it scores below that 80% mark largely honed in on how it doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from FromSoftware’s games. Others stated that there are some battles that aren’t fully on the level.

Putting them head to head, there’s consensus that Bloodborne is the better overall game. Given how well the combat and level design hold up, that’s not necessarily surprising.

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Though it’s not necessarily better than the original, it is still a faithful imitation by all accounts. The developers over at Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio have done a strong job bringing a dark, brutal version of Pinocchio to life.  

Is Lies of P Bloodborne 2?

Yes, Lies of P can be considered a spiritual successor to the PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne.

Both games have a dark, gloomy, and grim look to them. The Victorian-era European setting in Lies of P immediately brings Bloodborne to mind and while the player character and enemies are a bit prettier than what players see in FromSoftware’s original, the game still has the same feel.

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The biggest similarity is the combat, though. Enemy encounters are fast-paced and encourage offensive maneuvers over methodical sword-and-boarding. Players are constantly on the move, and active in combat is rewarded in both titles.

There is dodge rolling aplenty and while blocking exists, it chips at both health and stamina. However, lost health can be regained by attacking. Parries are more effective in combat as they avoid all incoming damage, but it’s also more challenging to pull off. 

From the early reviews, it is clear that Lies of P is a worthy tribute to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s brilliant work.

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