Lies of P is available for preload, but when is it coming out?

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The Pinocchio-themed Soulslike game Lies of P is ready to be preloaded for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but when is it actually coming out on PlayStation and PC?

Players hyped for Lies of P can now download what might be the next great Soulslike title and have it ready to launch as soon as it’s available. The game will have day-one availability on Xbox Game Pass alongside Bethesda’s next major release, Starfield. There’s significant hype behind the title, which draws clear inspiration from the Dark Souls series both in terms of its gameplay and dark fantasy themes. 

The preload is up exceptionally early, which is a good thing for gamers with slower or limited download speeds. But when is Lies of P coming out on PlayStation consoles and Steam?

Lies of P file size

Lies of P has a file size of just 35.7 GB. This is significantly smaller than the 100 GB preload of Starfield and the 98 GB required for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Modern games are taking up more and more space on consoles’ limited SSDs. Call of Duty games are also consistently ballooning to outrageous sizes with Modern Warfare 2 taking up over 150 GB of storage space. 

Lies of P is shaping up to be a unique experience that takes direct inspiration from Dark Souls and Bloodborne games. It’s not yet known how big the game is in terms of its scope or length, or how long it will last. The game still looks to have the same energy and style of an actual FromSoftware game. 

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When is Lies of P coming out?

Lies of P is coming out on September 16, 2023, on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will still be released at the same time across all platforms, despite Xbox having preload available far ahead of the competition.

The game puts a dark twist on the classic Pinocchio story. It looks to be challenging with plenty of unique enemies and epic boss fights to cut through. The players take control of Pinocchio as he navigates dangerous streets in a gothic dystopia that has a significant resemblance to Bloodborne.

The game also features a “lie” system that gauges what players do and say as Pinocchio, which then directly influences gameplay. Interested players can also check out the Lies of P demo on their preferred platform.

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