Here’s how to unlock Beast and Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

belle unlocked in disney dreamlight valley

Beauty and the Beast is finally available in Disney Dreamlight Valley after months of fan anticipation, but how can players unlock the Beast and Belle? A long quest is the answer.

Disney Dreamlight Valley just welcomed two iconic characters with its latest update that introduced the Beauty and the Beast realm, bringing Belle and Beast to the game. The couple have been expected by fans since the game launched in September 2022, but it wasn’t until May that fans got an estimated release date on the official website

With the latest update, players can begin the process of welcoming Belle and Beast to their valley but as usual, there will be some tasks to complete first. Here’s how to find the Beast and Belle and welcome them home in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

meeting belle disney dreamlight valley

Full walkthrough for unlocking Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players need to embark on a lengthy quest in order to bring the stars of Beauty and the Beast home in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The quest doesn’t follow the beats of the original story and is a lengthy scavenger hunt at some points, but still gives the player the rewards they were looking for. Buckle in because it’s a long ride ahead.

Find Belle in the Beauty and the Beast Realm 

Players start the quest by finding Belle. After entering the Beauty and the Beast realm, players will be introduced to the castle from the movie. Once the player loads in, they will see a flying book. Follow this book and it will eventually lead players to Belle. 

Walking into the room triggers a cutscene with Belle distressed over a number of flying books. She will ask for help catching them, which the player can do by following their movement pattern. After catching all the books, it’s time to talk to Belle again. 

Belle explains that the Beast got upset with her after he caught her staring at his painting in the West Wing. Now, the Beast has locked himself away in his room and won’t talk with her. Belle wants to fix things, so she asks the player to assist. This starts by getting into his room.

Find the secret passage to Beast’s room in the bookcases

The secret door for the Beast’s room is behind the bookcase ladder. Players will need to gather some materials to repair it. After talking to Belle, she will share what is needed in a list to fix the broken ladder:

  • four broken ladder steps
  • two wheels for the ladder

All of the items for fixing the ladder can be found in Belle’s library. The first wood piece is located by the teal chair, another is by one of the bookshelves, the third is hidden in a pile of wood by a window, and the last one can be found by the green couch in front of the fireplace. As for the wheels, the first one can be found right next to the ladder, while the second one can be found on one of the tables next to a gramophone and gold fabric.

After gathering all these items, players should speak with Belle. After the ladder is fixed, the player needs to wear a disguise to ensure the Beast feels comfortable with speaking to them. 

candlestick disguise disney dreamlight valley

Craft a disguise with Belle to trick the Beast

Belle wants to make a candlestick disguise for the player. In order to help her do this, the player will once again need to go on a scavenger hunt. This time, it stretches across the whole castle.

Players will need to find four castle candles, one castle candle holder, and one golden curtain to craft the disguise. The first item is found on the table where the previous piece of the stairs was. Players should then head out of the library to find the things they need to collect for their new outfit. This starts with the castle candle holder, which is on the chair by the lion statues. 

The four castle candles can be found in different locations across the map. The first can be found in the secret passage which was opened earlier, on top of a barrel. Next, another can be found sitting in the library on a table near the fireplace. For the last two, one is outside in the garden on a table and the last one is by the piano in the main castle area. This is roughly the halfway point in the quest to unlock the Beast and Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

meeting the beast in disney dreamlight valley

Meet the Beast

Players can reach the Beast by wearing the disguise and heading through the secret passage. Belle will give the player a disguise which is an all-golden suit with a candle stick hat. This somehow disguises the player as one of the Beast’s servants.

Regardless, the Beast finds out and becomes angry. The player tells Beast how sorry Belle feels for upsetting him by looking at his portrait that contains his human form. From there, players need to head back to the library to talk to Belle. 

merlin in disney dreamlight valley

Belle decides that a new painting must be made for the Beast, and enlists Merlin for help. Merlin shares a list of the required materials needed to craft an Enchanted Canvas:

  • 12x softwood (can be found in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Glade of Trust, and Forest of Valor)
  • 8x Fiber (can be crafted using seaweed or purchased from Kristoff’s Stall)
  • 4x Dream Shard (these are collected by clearing Night Thorns, digging up sparkles, or other Valley tasks)
  • 3x White Daisies (can be picked from the Peaceful Meadow)
  • 2x Garnet (can be mined from rocks in Plaza or Peaceful Meadow)

After gathering all the materials, players can then craft the painting at a crafting station. Once that task has been finished, head back to the Beauty and the Beast realm and talk to Belle. A cutscene will play showing the new painting, which depicts Belle and Beast from the original movie. 

Convince Beast to come to the valley

After talking with Belle the quest “Into the West Wing” will be complete, and players can move on to preparing Beast to come to the valley.

disney dreamlight valley player character and belle

Beast wants to get Belle a gift to help make up for their previous fight, but he doesn’t know what to get. He asks the player to find him his Enchanted Mirror, which is locked away in a chest. Pieces of the key have been hidden by Lumiere and Beast will ask the player to find them. Lumiere left behind clues to help the player find the pieces of the broken key.

The first piece of the key can be found “in a hot place,” which is the fireplace of the library. The second piece is hidden “in a place where silence roars,” which is found by breaking a lion statue with their pickaxe. The last one can be found “in a thorny place” which is the rose garden. Players need to use a shovel to dig up the golden spot right in the middle of the maze.

Now players can open the chest and get the mirror. At long last, players are ready to unlock the Beast and Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There’s just one step left.

the beast unlocked in disney dreamlight valley

Finally unlock Belle and Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Beast has decided to make Belle a Book Kit and has asked the player to make the item for him. The player needs these items to craft a Book Kit:

  • 20x Fiber (can be crafted using seaweed or purchased from Kristoff’s Stall)
  • 3x Purple Falling Pentstemon (these can be picked from the Plaza)
  • 1x Empty Vial (this can be crafted using 3 glass, glass can be crafted from 5 sand and 1 coal)
  • 1x Feather (which players can ask Scrooge McDuck or Donald Duck for) 

After crafting the item, return to Beast. He enlists the player to get some of his belongings from his home so he can dress up for Belle. These items include Beast’s Brush which is inside a storage chest close to the door, his Princely Cologne can be found on the table beside the couch, and his Princely Shampoo can be found on the table beside his bathtub. 

Beast apologizes to Belle and they are ready to come to the valley. The Beast and Belle have now finally been unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley. All that’s left is placing and building their house. After picking a spot for it, players need to pay 20,000 Star Coins for the building. The Beast arrives in the valley after the player delivers the letter from Belle.

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