Lies of P devs just made the game easier after player complaints

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Lies of P update 1.2.0 is up on Steam and PlayStation, and the game is now getting a lot easier with several nerfs to the game’s most mechanics and bosses. 

Usually, when a Soulslike game is made more accessible, purists are up in arms about the game becoming easier. In this case, many players are seemingly excited about the nerfs that are being introduced. Lies of P developer Neowiz released this latest patch with a slew of health decreases and other quality of life changes that make some of the most challenging encounters easier to deal with.

The update is not live on Xbox just yet. The publisher explains the Xbox update “has been submitted to Microsoft for testing and will be updated as soon as they are ready.”

Lies of P nerfs and changes

The biggest nerf and change in Lies of P update 1.2 is the health reduction of several enemies and bosses, making them less of a pain to tackle. 

Bosses like the Fallen Archibishop Andreus, King of Puppets, and Simon Manus got the nerfed health treatment. This will make defeating them easier for players struggling to achieve victory. The damage of Simon Magnus, Arm of God has also been decreased, so players getting harassed by Simon can breathe easier. The patch also decreases the health pool of certain field monsters, making traversal through the game’s world a little easier as well. 

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Patch 1.2 also increased the chance of breaking some monsters’ stances and how often they can be staggered. The stagger-able window is increased, so players don’t need to be extra precise. 

Does patch 1.2 make Lies of P easier? 

Patch 1.2 does seem to make Lies of P easier to play for most players.

The new patch brings several quality-of-life changes, the biggest one letting players carry more weight for each point of Capacity. 

Players will net more rewards for downing monsters. The update increases the drop rate for Moonstone-type items, Ergo items, and Ergo rewards of certain monsters. The Star Fragments drop rate has decreased. The fragments were fairly common in the game, so players relying on summoning specters need not worry. A new feature letting players reset the character’s level is added. The weight of Amulets has also decreased. The full list of these changes can be seen on Steam.

Despite not being made by Dark Souls developer FromSoftware, Lies of P is equally punishing to its players. Some of the more casual players of the game seemed to want Lies of P to be easier, and those requests are being answered. The new changes might be enough to bring lapsed casual players back to the fold, even if it’s upsetting to players who were happy with the challenge level already.

Lies of P launched with good reviews, and fans of the Soulslike genre seem to love its gothic world. The game is available on Xbox Game Pass as a day-one release title. 

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