Nintendo Switch 2: Analysts talk likely differences, improvements

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The Nintendo Switch 2 will apparently not differ much from the current Switch models.

Nintendo’s next console has been the subject of much anticipation, especially after the epic commercial success of the Nintendo Switch. It was reported in July 2023 that several studios received devkits for new gaming hardware from Nintendo, and that Nintendo has no plans for new models of a new iteration of the Nintendo Switch outside the Lite and OLED Model. It’s only a matter of time before a new console is revealed, even if the company’s president insists that this isn’t the case.

One question fans have is whether the Nintendo Switch 2 will be an entirely new console or if it will effectively be an upgraded version of the existing console. Analysts discussed whether the move to the next-gen Nintendo console will be more akin to the move from the Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo DS, or from the DS to the 3DS.

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What is the difference between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch 2?

Industry analysts predict that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be an upgraded version of the existing Switch console, rather than something radically different.

Looking forward to 2024, a number of analysts who cover the video game industry discussed what the year has in store with Most of it is bad, but some of the discussion focused on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Independent consultant Dr. Serkan Toto gave his predictions for the next Switch model. According to him, “the next system is likely to be more of an iteration than a revolution.”

Toto expects that Nintendo will add some “bells and whistles” to the device, but it will still be similar to the current Switch. He also doesn’t expect the portability feature to go away considering how Pokemon, one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises is most often associated with handheld gaming.

He also expects the launch price to be $400, which is a hundred higher than the Switch’s launch price, and that new games will cost $70. Fans got a taste of this with Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s likely to be the norm going forward.

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Two other analysts co-signed the idea that the Switch 2 will have few differences relative to the Switch.

This stands in contrast to the previous major console success for Nintendo; the Wii. Its successor, the Wii U, boasted a new gimmick in a tablet-style controller, which proved to be a catastrophic flop for Nintendo. Nintendo has not yet confirmed plans for a new console or any price increase for upcoming games, despite leaks in court documents from publishers that are working directly with Nintendo.

Switch 2 is predicted to have backwards compatibility with Switch games

The Switch 2 is expected to launch with a new 3D Mario game and have backwards compatibility with the Switch, according to an industry analyst.

Tom Wijman also speculated that the Nintendo Switch 2 will take center stage in 2024 and added that it will launch along with a new 3D Mario game. He also predicts that now that Nintendo has its own digital storefront, players won’t have to rebuild their game library from scratch and will be able to easily transfer their account and progress from the original Switch to Switch 2.

The one big area of discussion regarding the Switch 2 that wasn’t covered was its technical capabilities, but there’s little discussion to be had. Leaked court documents from Activision state that the Switch 2’s technical capabilities will be similar to those of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The existing Switch console is more akin to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which may lead to a significant difference in terms of processing power and graphics.

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