Will there be a Psychonauts Remastered? Here’s what we know

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Double Fine Productions is almost 25 years old now and multiple signs point to a Psychonauts Remastered being part of the festivities.

Double Fine Productions has created several popular IPs, including Brad, Brütal Legend, and Broken Age. Arguably the most recognizable creation of the company is Psychonauts. With Double Fine’s 25th anniversary on the horizon, the studio teased several upcoming announcements, and a remaster of the original Psychonauts might be among them.

The announcement came through a post on X. While it didn’t give information on what fans can expect, the founder of Double Fine and designer of Psychonauts, Tim Schafer, might have given a hint in an interview with Stevivor.

Is the original Psychonauts getting remastered?

Double Fine has not indicated that it’s working on a remastered version of Psychonauts, but there are signs that it might be in the works.

When discussing its 25th birthday, Double Fine tweeted a GIF featuring Psychonauts’ lead character Raz. This was replied to with a side-eye emoji from the official Xbox account. While one could brush this off, one of Double Fine’s founders stated in 2021 that a remastered version of Psychonauts might be on the horizon. Schafer was interviewed regarding Psychonauts 2 in 2021 and the topic of the first game in the series was brought up.

“You never know, someday — now that we have more resources — we could remaster that someday,” Schafer said. 

Since the original Psychonauts was released in 2005, 2025 would mark the 20th anniversary of the game first coming out. The developers might remaster the first game to celebrate both the 25th anniversary of the studio and the 20th anniversary of the game.

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Although it’s unknown what a remastered version of Psychonauts would entail aside from upscaled visuals. Schafer commented during the 2021 interview that the two things the studio focused on improving for Psychonaut 2 were the original game’s combat and camera movement. Alongside that, he stated that remastering the game would be “a lot of work because a lot of [the game] was not archived properly.”

This could mean that a Psychonauts getting remastered might require something more akin to a light remake.

When will Double Fine’s 25th-anniversary announcements happen?

There isn’t any information on what Double Fine will announce or when the announcements will happen.

The studio stated on X that there are “cool things in store.” Double Fine also teased plans for its 25th anniversary in 2025, saying that “there’s tons of fun on the way.”

No date was given but an “Xbox Developer Direct” is reportedly coming in January 2024. The previous developer direct was in January 2023, and it revealed several games, including Redfall and a DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. 

Since the official Xbox X account replied to Double Fine’s post, the studio will likely make a presence in a developer direct if it happens. Avowed is also likely to appear in such an event, as Obsidian confirmed that it’s looking at a 2024 launch for Avowed.

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