Release date info for the new Jet Set Radio game just leaked

jet set radio reboot coming soon

The Jet Set Radio series is reportedly set to be rebooted, and an estimated release date for the new game has come out.

The cult classic Jet Set Radio has been on the wishlists of many Sega fans. The game oozes an early 2000s attitude, taking cues from American hip-hop culture and gameplay elements from PaRappa the Rapper. Jet Set Radio helped popularize the cel-shaded aesthetic for future games like Okami and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The game’s influence can still be felt today with games like Hi-Fi Rush. Many felt the game was underrated for its time, and while it received several ports to newer platforms such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it’s unable to run natively on any modern platform except for its 2012 PC port. A new Jet Set Radio was confirmed to be in development by Sega in December 2023. Now, a notable leaker who continuously breaks news on Sega titles is discussing what the company’s plans look like.

What is the release date for the new Jet Set Radio game?

A new Jet Set Radio game will reportedly come out in 2026.

According to Midori, a leaker who has accurately broken news on Sega repeatedly over the last year including announcing Persona 3 Reload and DLC for Persona 5 Tactica, the revival of the series is set to come out in two years. The reboot initially was pegged for a 2027 release, but development plans seemingly changed. 

The game is not a remake and will instead be a “reboot” of the franchise. They state this will include familiar characters in a new story.

The first Jet Set Radio was remastered in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows platforms. iOS and Android versions were also released but were delisted due to compatibility issues with subsequent operating system updates. Notably, the remaster is backwards-compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Midori states that a remake of the original game was planned, but did not explain whether it remains in development. 

How different will the Jet Set Radio reboot be from the original?

The new Jet Set Radio will be an open-world game focusing on rebellion, but will likely feature the same aesthetic and similar gameplay on a grander scope.

Slides from a December 2023 Sega Management Meeting revealed the extent of the classic franchise push. Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe,  Shinobi, and Streets of Rage were among the games given details about their direction moving forward. A trailer was also revealed in December 2023 showing early gameplay footage.

Sega plans for Jet Set Radio to be a counter-culture open-world game set on the streets of Tokyo. The wording “make friends” and “increase fans” appear, hinting at a social aspect of the game. Midori also reports that most of these Sega revivals will come to the next Nintendo hardware, though it’s unclear which other platforms may get it. 

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