Xbox is giving its best game to Switch and PS5, here’s why

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Hi-Fi Rush will almost certainly be coming to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, breaking its exclusivity with Xbox consoles. 

Hi-Fi Rush surprised the gaming world after its shadow drop in January 2023. The rhythm-based action game differed from the previous offerings of Tango Gameworks, a studio founded by one of the creators of the Resident Evil series that stuck with the horror genre with titles such as The Evil Within. Hi-Fi Rush was a leap of faith for the studio, but it nailed the landing and was regarded as one of 2023’s best games.

However, it seems Microsoft isn’t keeping the game exclusive to Xbox platforms. Data miners have discovered what is effectively incontrovertible evidence that Hi-Fi Rush is set to launch on PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Is Hi-Fi Rush getting ports for the PS5 and Nintendo Switch?

Data miners on Reddit have found in-game shirt designs referencing the PS5 and Nintendo Switch in Hi-Fi Rush’s Anniversary update.

Hi-Fi Rush’s Anniversary Update added a number of new shirts that could be worn by the playable character, Chai. Some of these were platform-exclusive, including shirts for Xbox, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

Also added were hidden files for different shirt designs that specifically reference PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. Included in these are a blue shirt that says “I’m Here, Baby!” has Chai posing like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. A red shirt says “Rock Out! Anywhere,” referencing the portable Nintendo Switch.

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Rumors of a port of Hi-Fi Rush swirled in January 2024. Podcaster Nate the Hate, who has scooped official sources on revealing news on many occasions, stated that a first-party Xbox game would come to the Nintendo Switch, adding that it was a candidate for game of the year. A Hi-Fi Rush port was unsurprising, especially with Nintendo’s love for innovative platformers and its cordial relationship with Microsoft’s gaming division. The game also moving onto PlayStation is more of a surprise.

What’s the release date?

Hi-Fi Rush’s PS5 and Nintendo Switch ports have no official release dates, and technically haven’t even been announced.

The potential upcoming Nintendo Direct later in February 2024 may have updates on the game. Hi-Fi Rush celebrated its anniversary on January 25, 2024. The announcement of two new console homes may be part of its celebration efforts, despite being a few weeks late. 

Releasing Hi-Fi Rush on competing consoles is part of what seems to be a changing approach to the Xbox from Microsoft. Alongside the discussion of a Hi-Fi Rush port was a report that fellow Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves is set to arrive on PlayStation consoles. Microsoft also laid off a significant portion of its workforce and while Activision Blizzard bore the brunt of this, there were also significant cuts to Xbox’s physical games division.

Executives discussed the desire to put Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, and any other electronics with a screen. Meanwhile, Microsoft has made aggressive acquisitions in artificial intelligence and cloud technology. Hi-Fi Rush’s move to the PS5 and Nintendo Switch could mean Microsoft is loosening its grip on exclusive games. This could result in other titles such as Starfield or Gears of War landing on new consoles.

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