CoD fans rage over Black Ops 6 movement changes, here’s why

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 has finally been unveiled and it will introduce “Omnimovement,” a new movement system with the ability to sprint in all directions and 360-degree aiming and movement while prone. Fans hate it.

Treyarch is taking players back to the early 1990s with Black Ops 6’s Gulf War setting. In a true homage to the era of Blast Processing and Voodoo 3D Graphics, it’s bringing back vague video game buzzwords. “Omnimovement” looks to change how movement happens in Call of Duty.

Movement is a big issue in Call of Duty games. Some gamers prefer the slide cancels and dolphin dives, while some prefer a more grounded approach. Many like moving fast and quickly scoping on the go, while others love bunny hopping around corners. The series’ fandom is divided in this way, but find themselves united in finding things to bash about Omnimovement.

Black Ops 6’s Omnimovement includes all-directions sprinting, 360-degree prone moving

Black Ops 6’s Omnimovement system allows players to sprint in any direction. The developer deep-dive shown after the Xbox Games Showcase highlighted Black Ops 6’s new movement system.

Fans were quick to say that this is a formula for guaranteed griefing. Previously, players could only sprint forward and needed quick maneuvering to change directions. The new movement system would enable sprinting in 360 degrees, letting players strafe like an arena shooter.

Alongside this, Black Ops 6’s Omnimovement system comes with sleek-looking animations matching player movement. Previously, prone players would spin around entirely on the ground when aiming. The new system allows for more natural movement, turning players by rolling onto their back. 

Of course, this also applies to dolphin dive turns in mid-air, resulting in some cool-looking movement that will have major gameplay implications. The idea of Max Payne-style dives has many Call of Duty fans who like a more mechanical, technical experience wary of Black Ops 6.

Black Ops 6 brings “Intelligent Movement”

The new Intelligent Movement takes over part of the controls for mantling, sprinting, and crouching.

To the joy of controller players, Black Ops 6 will tweak how movement inputs work to make claw grips less crucial. The new feature, Intelligent Movement, will automatically identify the gameplay context and perform appropriate actions for the player. A small opening will enable crouch automatically, eliminating the need to press B or circle or CTRL.

Black Ops 6 wants players to shoot more and fiddle less with the controls. The game also offers advanced HUD customizations. The new HUD options help reduce unnecessary information overload on the screen and let players focus on the target. 

Players can change HUD elements such as in-game minimap and weapon info according to their liking. More information about Black Ops 6 multiplayer and zombies will be revealed on August 28 at a separate Call of Duty event.

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