Treyarch developing new Call of Duty, but is it Black Ops 6?

call of duty black ops

Treyarch is developing the next Call of Duty game set to release in 2024, and some reports suggest the series might be going back to its roots under the Black Ops 6 moniker.

Activision’s big franchise Call of Duty is known for its yearly releases with high-speed first-person gameplay, with this year seeing Sledgehammer’s take on Modern Warfare 3. The new Call of Duty entry was highly criticized by fans and critics alike for being nearly the same as Modern Warfare 2, which was released the year before. It’s now Treyarch’s turn to release the next title in the franchise, and according to a report from WindowsCentral it will be from the fan-favorite Black Ops series.

The report gives an idea of what players can expect for the next Call of Duty game, which is already being called Black Ops 6. The information ranges from what era the game will take place in, to what maps and modes the game might have.

What era will Call of Duty Black Ops 6 take place in?

According to reports, the new Call of Duty Black Ops 6 game will take place during the Gulf War in the early 90s.

The new Black Ops 6 might have the subtitle Gulf War, which would be in line with the previous entry in the series, Cold War. Given the more historical setting of the new Black Ops title, players can expect a less modernized set of weapons and utilities. 

According to several sources, the game’s story will feature a more sophisticated take on the Gulf War with a heavy focus on those most affected by the war’s events. The Gulf War was the first major conflict between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the largest coalition of militaries assembled since World War 2. It also took place right as the Cold War was ending, which means the new Black Ops might tie in with the previous entry to explore the ending of the Cold War.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 leaks include game modes

In addition to seeing the iconic Zombies game mode return, several familiar maps from past Black Ops games will also reportedly be in the next Call of Duty Black Ops 6 game.

call of duty zombies

The Zombies mode is perhaps one of the most iconic game modes in the entire series, and it looks like it’ll be making a return in the 2024 Call of Duty game according to previously leaked game files

The Zombies mode won’t be the only thing returning, as leaks suggest that the game will feature the Black Ops 1 classic map “WMD,” and the Black Ops 2 DLC map “Grind.” These claims were made in a now-deleted tweet by CoD_Perseus, who has previously leaked Call of Duty information with great accuracy. 

With the lukewarm reaction to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, with many fans claiming that it has the worst campaign in Call of Duty history, the series is left in a difficult spot. Since one of the many complaints MW3 had was that it reused old maps to take advantage of nostalgia, the next game will have to be innovative enough on its own to win back some of those lost fans.

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