Leaks show that zombies are back in new 2024 Call of Duty game

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Information on the new Zombies mode in the next Call of Duty game coming in 2024 has just been leaked.

Zombies has been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise ever since its debut in World At War in 2008. Zombies was the first time the military shooter franchise made the jump to pure fantasy. Since then, the game mode has grown into its own monstrous identity, complete with complex lore.

Developer Treyarch is back at the helm for 2024’s Call of Duty, nicknamed Black Ops 6 by fans, as it has no official title yet. While Treyarch has not made official announcements, leaks are confirming that a Zombies mode is indeed coming to the next COD game.

Is Black Ops 6 going to have a Zombies mode?

It’s very likely that the 2024 Call of Duty title, tentatively referred to as Black Ops 6, is getting a Zombies mode.

Leakers have uncovered game files that confirm a Zombies mode in Black Ops 6. The game files include words such as “tentacle_trap” and “jump_scare”, which are a common sight for many Zombies maps. The leaks also show that one of the maps is set on a ship with a cannon.

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There are at least two maps on launch, named Quartz and Garnet. Quartz is the one speculated to take place on a ship. The theme for Zombies mode also leaked, and it’s once again a new version of the iconic Zombies track, Damned.

Does the 2024 Call of Duty have a release date yet?

There is no confirmed release date for Treyarch’s 2024 Call of Duty title.

There is no official news confirming the exact release date of the 2024 Call of Duty game, nicknamed Black Ops 6. Although Treyarch assisted Sledgehammer Games with that team’s Zombies’ mode for 2023’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, many fans still itch for a return to the round-based formula.

Black Ops 6 is speculated to take place during the Gulf War and would be a direct sequel to Black Ops: Cold War. One of the protagonists is a man named Peter Ratcliffe, a former British Army soldier. This information was leaked by actor Luke Charles Stafford on social media, who is said to be the likeness model for the character.

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