Find out Silent Hill: Ascension’s release date, gameplay details

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Just in time for the spooky season, Silent Hill: Ascension has a confirmed release date.

After several years away from video game development, Konami has returned with plans to resurrect many of its beloved IPs, ranging from a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 to a slew of Silent Hill games. The Silent Hill franchise made its grand return to the gaming industry in 2022 with a series of trailers and announcements. These teasers barely showed any gameplay, but it was clear that some of these titles taking a different approach from previous entries.

Although the return of the iconic horror franchise excited many, there are also many jaded fans who remain wary of Konami’s direction. Ever since the dissolution of Team Silent, the franchise has struggled to capture the spirit of the older titles. That has made the experimental Silent Hill: Ascension title a sticking point with some fans.

Silent Hill: Ascension release date and launch time revealed

Silent Hill: Ascension is set for release on October 31, 2023 at 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT. Yes, that means the game will be coming out on Halloween.

The reveal was made in the Google Play Store’s description for the game. This will be the first full-fledged Silent Hill game to come out since Silent Hill: Book of Memories in 2012. Development is being done by Genvid Technologies, Bad Robot Games, and Behaviour Interactive.

Behaviour Interactive already has some experience with the franchise, being the studio in charge of Dead by Daylight since 2018. The company is responsible for the asymmetrical horror game’s sixteenth chapter, which focuses on Silent Hill. The chapter featured Pyramid Head as a new killer with several iconic protagonists from the series as survivors. 

What is Silent Hill: Ascension about?

Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive streaming series where the viewers can affect the course of the story.

Silent Hill: Ascension emphasizes that it’s an interactive streaming series and the viewers are responsible for what events take place in the plot. Far from being a traditional video game, the developers described the project as a “massively interactive live event” or MILE. This form of entertainment is similar to other streaming events such as Twitch Plays Pokemon or The Jerma985 Dollhouse.

Reactions to Ascension before its release have been mixed. While some are praising the title for trying new things instead of treading old ground, others are questioning why this needs to be part of the Silent Hill franchise.

Silent Hill is known for psychological horror that revolves around loneliness. That makes it an odd fit for a genre that is ultimately controlled by thousands of people. Konami as a whole also remains a highly controversial figure after its ugly divorce from Hideo Kojima and the various PR incidents that followed.

Fans waiting on a more traditional Silent Hill experience will have to wait for the remake of Silent Hill 2 to be completed.

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