Sodapoppin unites Mizkif, Pokelawls with WoW guild OnlyFangs

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Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris’ World of Warcraft guild, OnlyFangs, has helped propel World of Warcraft back to the Twitch front page and has brought streamers ranging from Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo to Pokelawls.

Created to bring more attention to hardcore World of Warcraft: Classic, Sodapoppin created the guild OnlyFangs to bring together a collection of YouTubers and Twitch streamers with the goal of reaching level 60 in the MMO. Hardcore WoW means that if a player character dies just once, their character is considered permanently dead and they need to create a new one and start again from level one.

With Blizzard’s renewed focus on Warcraft at BlizzCon and beyond, Sodapoppin creating OnlyFangs has brought even more attention to the game. With over 100 people in the guild all working towards level 60, there is a mountain of content fans can watch. 

What is Sodapoppin’s OnlyFangs guild?

OnlyFangs is a WoW: Classic guild started by Sodapoppin on a hardcore server. Though it was founded by an OTK Network streamer in Sodapoppin and includes other OTK talents such as Mizkif, it is not directly affiliated with the network and includes streamers such as Pokelawls.

Created to take advantage of classic hardcore WoW’s resurgence, Sodapoppin formed the OnlyFangs guild to encourage content creators to play through the game and level 60 without dying. This is different from a regular World of Warcraft playthrough, where characters can be resurrected after dying.

OnlyFangs is seemingly meant to expand beyond simply being a temporary collab between content creators. The guild is set to host events, with November 28 marking its first tournament with fans having the opportunity to win gold and a spot in the guild.

Given the size of the streamers attached to the guild and how identifiable World of Warcraft is at a mainstream level, there could be a major opportunity for OnlyFangs. The trouble is that OnlyFangs quickly saw infighting among some of its biggest names. This left some wondering if real-life drama could become a bigger challenge than the actual grind to level 60.

Who is in OnlyFangs?

Sodapoppin’s World of Warcraft guild OnlyFangs includes prominent content creators such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys,  Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, Pokelawls, and many other notable streamers.

OnlyFangs has some of the biggest names in streaming, with Sodapoppin inviting the likes of Felix “xQc” Lengyel to the WoW guild. It isn’t just Twitch’s biggest stars that are involved, as comparatively smaller streamers Ross “RubberRoss” O’Donovan and John Paul “ItMeJP” McDaniel are in the ranks.

Inclusion in OnlyFangs isn’t dependent on a creator’s familiarity with hardcore WoW: Classic, or even WoW in general. The Vtuber Nyanners is part of the guild, with this hardcore run being her first time playing World of Warcraft. She’s been able to survive by relying on other well-practiced members to guide her through the leveling process.

xQc was recently booted from OnlyFangs by Sodapoppin for not taking the game seriously enough. It takes a combination of skill, patience, and dedication to reach level 60 without having a character die once. Sodapoppin was able to see that xQc had not signed in to World of Warcraft for a while, and determined that the Quebecois streamer wasn’t taking the grind to level 60 seriously enough to remain in the guild. 

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Written by Cassie Gardner

Cassie Gardner has been playing games since she was but a child, starting with a Game Boy when she was 5 years old. The discovery of Pokemon led to a lifelong interest in role-playing games of both the video game and tabletop varieties.

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