Vtuber Nyanners does official face reveal during Twitch stream

Nyanners face reveal

Vtuber Nyanners has done a long-awaited face reveal in a wacky stream that covered everything from rock band Green Day to corn-flavored soda.

2023 has already been a big year for Nyanners. The streamer left Vtuber agency Vshojo after three years, went independent, and made a surprise appearance as a playable character in Smite. That’s plenty on its own, but she also added a face reveal to the mix.

While Nyanners has been regularly appearing in IRL streams hosted by her partner, fellow Vtuber Lord Aethelstan, she has still kept her face a secret by wearing masks or other wacky headwear. In her latest stream, she appeared on-camera. Though she spent much of it wearing a surgical mask, she did do an official face reveal along the way.

Has Nyanners revealed her face?

Vtuber Nyanners revealed her face on-stream on August 5. She was visibly nervous during the buildup to the reveal, but eventually appeared on-camera with her face unobscured. Though she was wearing a pink wig with cat ears as a light cosplay of her on-stream avatar, fans eventually got to see her face.

Anyone who is particularly curious has been able to see Nyanners’ face for some time now. Photos of Nyanners from several years ago have already circulated around the internet. She previously lamented this fact while streaming, but noted that this was due to fans seeing her during an awkward adolescent phase rather than out of concern for her safety or privacy.

Nyanners face reveal

Nyanners has appeared on Twitch in the flesh on many occasions, accompanying Lord Aethelstan to arcades, mini-golf courses, and more. Though Aethelstan is a Vtuber, he hasn’t made any effort to keep his real face a secret. He tweeted out a photo of himself alongside Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun in 2022 and later did a full reveal on stream. Since then, he has been doing IRL streams while also juggling streams of various Soulsborne games.

How old is Nyanners?

Nyanners was born on June 14, 1993, and is 30 years old as of this writing.

The Nyanners character has lore that technically qualifies her as an immortal being. The eyepatch-wearing cat ghost that often appears alongside her is her “true form,” which is also actually an eldritch horror.

That said, the real-life person behind the character was born in 1993. Though fans can now attach a real face to Nyanners, they will likely continue seeing her avatar on-air more often than not.

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