Pokemon Elite Redux is the latest major Pokemon ROM hack

pokemon elite redux

Pokemon Elite Redux is the latest member of the Pokemon ROM hack family, and it has a lot to offer players.

Pokemon is the biggest entertainment franchise in the world, with hundreds of millions of video game sales, a vast merchandise offering, a classic anime, and many other successful projects across its 25-year history. Its classic titles also have a vibrant homebrew and modding scene, with fans making their own variants of the Pokemon video games that offer some bold takes on the original formula.

Advancements in development tools and the reverse engineering of the older Pokemon titles in recent years have resulted in some incredible games, capable of matching or even surpassing the original Pokemon titles. It’s a crowded field but Pokemon Elite Redux has a lot to offer fans who are looking for a fresh experience.

What is the Pokemon Elite Redux ROM hack?

Pokemon Elite Redux is a difficulty and enhancement hack of Pokemon Emerald, adding an increased challenge and a variety of team-building options.

Pokemon Elite Redux builds on the popular Inclement Emerald ROM hack as a foundation. It removes the need for players to grind for new Pokemon or items. Everything is given to the player from the beginning. Unlimited PokeBalls, every Technical Machine, a Portable PC, and unlimited Rare Candies are just a few quality-of-life features. Elite Redux uses the powerful RH-Hideouts Battle Engine.

Pokemon Elite Redux ROM hack ability page

Certain Pokemon get major buffs, including new typings and base stat changes to make as many viable as possible. One of Elite Redux’s biggest strengths is the Innate ability system, which gives Pokemon up to four Abilities at once. This greatly increases their usefulness across a playthrough, and players can change a Pokemon’s nature, EVs, and main ability at will.

Elite Redux offers players a slew of difficult fights, but it also offers an even playing field. With so many options available to the player, the challenge is fair, and several difficulty options provide maximum customization. With a large post-game and randomizer options, Pokemon Elite Redux will likely go down as one of the best ROM hacks of 2023.

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