Will Death Stranding 2 be at The Game Awards? The hints say yes

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Hideo Kojima and The Game Awards’ official X accounts may be hinting that a trailer for Death Stranding 2 will be unveiled at the upcoming event.

The likelihood of Death Stranding 2 being shown at The 2023 Game Awards is quite high, considering that the previous trailer premiered at last year’s event. The first Death Stranding 2 trailer confirmed the returns of Norman Reedus and Lea Seydoux and offered a glimpse into their life after the events of the first game. It also included some of the signature over-the-top character designs that fans expect from Kojima.

Shortly after the trailer aired, information surfaced that additional actors like Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna would be joining the Death Stranding 2 cast. Their roles in the game remain undisclosed, but that could soon change judging from an interaction between The Game Awards and Kojima.

Will Death Stranding 2 appear at The Game Awards 2023?

The Game Awards 2023 will likely host the premier of the next trailer for Death Stranding 2.

While this wouldn’t have been shocking given the strong relationship between Kojima and the show, Kojima recently tweeted a series of photos of a mixing board on Twitter. The Game Awards account replied to this tweet with an emoji, but it was deleted shortly after fans caught wind of their interaction. The tweet was still screen-grabbed and preserved.

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Kojima has a history of personally editing his game trailers, as he demonstrated before with his work on the Death Stranding Director’s Cut trailer. This process involved his personal musical touches and engaging with fans regarding directional preferences. 

On his X profile, he named many of his favorite bands and singers and wrote that song choice was important for the game’s trailer. He also asked fans if they would prefer a less descriptive, more emotional direction for the trailer. Kojima is known for the intensity and thoroughness of his creative process, something that has put extra pressure on Konami just for remasters and remakes of his previous games.

Even if the trailer is not unveiled at the Game Awards, it is expected that any future Death Stranding 2 trailer will bear Kojima’s unmistakable stamp on its promotional materials. 

Will Hideo Kojima be at The Game Awards in 2023?

It is unknown whether Hideo Kojima will be at the 2023 Game Awards.

There has been no word from either the show or Kojima regarding whether he will appear at the event. Kojima hasn’t released a game in the last year, so neither he nor Kojima Productions are nominated for anything.

Kojima was famously prevented from attending The Game Awards in 2015 by Konami, according to host Geoff Keighley. Awards won by Kojima for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were instead accepted by Keifer Sutherland, who was the face and voice of Venom Snake. Kojima then appeared at The Game Awards 2016 and won awards for Death Stranding in 2019.

If Death Stranding 2 appears at the 2023 Game Awards, there is a chance Kojima will appear. That said, his presence is not guaranteed.

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