The best boss order for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

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Elden Ring players are digging into Shadow of the Erdtree and knowing the correct boss order is the first step toward advancing through the DLC without running into a brick wall.

Shadow of the Erdtree is exactly what FromSoftware fans wanted from a massive expansion. The DLC adds tons of weapons, enemies, and, of course, bosses. There are dozens of big fights in Shadow of the Erdtree with a daunting 10 remembrances to collect. For players who are hoping to track down every major boss in Shadow of the Erdtree, here’s the ideal order for when to fight them.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

Boss order checklist for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

There are a number of different bosses both big and small in the Elden Ring DLC, and many can be tackled at the player’s leisure.

Many of these hinge on players’ willingness to farm Scadutree Fragments for Shadow Realm Blessings. These serve as major boosts to players’ offense and defense. Players might find themselves overwhelmed by seemingly minor field bosses if they don’t have enough of them, regardless of what stage in the game they are.

Assuming players keep up with collecting them there’s a generally defined order that players should follow. Here’s the best order to tackle the bosses in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC:

  1. Divine Beast Dancing Lion
  2. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight
  3. Putrescent Knight
  4. Commander Gaius
  5. Scadutree Avatar
  6. Messmer the Impaler
  7. Metyr, Mother Of Fingers
  8. Midra, Lord Of Frenzied Flame
  9. Romina, Saint Of The Bud
  10. Promised Consort Radahn

Before release, fans likely expected Messmer the Impaler to cap off the list. However, the honored slot was stolen by Radahn who brings Miquella along for phase two. It’s a classic bait-and-switch from FromSoftware considering Miquella was set up as the main supporting character of the DLC. Radahn caps off a series of intense duels with a similarly high difficulty level to the end of the base game.

Radahn Consort of Miquella Shadow of the Erdtree boss

As is normal with FromSoftware games, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree lets players tackle bosses in a different order and even some of the major DLC bosses are completely optional.

However, each of the above awards a remembrance. As with the base game, the Finger Reader Crone in Roundtable Hold will trade remembrances for special weapons, spells, and tools.

How many bosses are in Shadow of the Erdtree?

Shadow of the Erdtree has 10 major bosses with remembrances and 67 minor bosses for a total of 77 bosses.

The 10 major boss fights are listed above, and they consist of bosses from the trailer and new surprises. The minor boss list is much more extensive. New dragons, powerful invaders, and many more can be found in the overworld and dungeons. There may be some hidden bosses that have yet to be discovered, but fans appear to have found a total of 77.

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