Dr Disrespect responds to minor sexting Twitch ban allegation

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Streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is responding after a seeming insinuation that his permanent ban from Twitch was issues after he was caught sexting with a minor.

The ban of Dr Disrespect from the Twitch livestreaming platform has been among the biggest stories in the gaming sphere over the last several years. Dr Disrespect was among the biggest streamers in the world at the time, and neither he nor Twitch were willing to publicly discuss the reasoning behind the ban.

Now, a former Twitch employee has stepped forward with information painting Dr Disrespect in a far different light, floating allegations many have concluded refer to Dr Disrespect having pursued a minor prior to a previous edition of TwitchCon.

Was Dr Disrespect banned for sexting with a minor?

Allegations that Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch for sexting with a minor began with a statement posted to social media by former Twitch employee Cody Conners. The ex-employee declared that someone he simply referred to as “he,” without directly stating who the individual being referred to was, had been banned for “sexting a minor in the then existing Twitch whispers product.” Conners also said that Dr Disrespect had intended “to meet up with [the minor] at TwitchCon,” and that this was the reason for the mysterious ban.

The conduct is alleged to have taken place via private messaging through a Twitch platform. These messages would presumably have been visible to Twitch employees, including Conners and others who may have had a hand in the ensuing decision-making process.

The statement was quickly tied to the famous streamer as numerous gaming journalists stepped forward to point a finger to Herschel Beam as the unknown “he” in Conners’ statement. One such journalist, Jacob Wolf, noted that Dr Disrespect and his PR team had specifically asked that he not be asked about these same allegations all the back in 2020, initially misrepresented as 2021.

Journalist Rod Breslau, who became attached to the story himself after claiming numerous times that there was much more to the story than was being made public but never going so far as to go publicize specific claims, also responded. Breslau posted briefly that he “didn’t lie.”

As news of the allegations spread like wildfire across Twitter / X, Dr Disrespect felt the need to address it head-on. But his response was something many fans immediately found lacking.

What did Dr Disrespect say about his Twitch ban allegations?

After allegations that he was banned from Twitch from sexting with a minor went public, Dr Disrespect responded by saying that “no wrongdoing was acknowledged.” This hardly constituted an outright denial from the famous streamer, as fans and followers alike immediately pointed out in response.

Dr Disrespect also took the time to point out that Twitch had “paid out the whole contract,” potentially seeking to imply that he could not be in the wrong if Twitch had agreed to pay him every cent accounted for by the contract he’d signed with the streaming giant. This, too, didn’t go over particularly well with his followers who were looking for a more direct response to the allegations.

For now, there are no further formal repercussions in store for Dr Disrespect. He continues to draw strong viewership on YouTube, though it’s possible that these allegations will stunt his numbers there. There also hasn’t been any mention of legal action being taken against Dr Disrespect, either by the minor he allegedly messaged, or by his former partners at Twitch.

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Written by Jared Wynne

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