How to get every Scadutree Fragment blessing in Elden Ring DLC

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Players just jumping into the Land of Shadows in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will want to get some quick Scadutree Fragments blessings to help them on their journey.

Elden Ring’s much-awaited Shadow of the Erdtree DLC brings tens of hours’ worth of content with it. While things like a new area to explore and multiple bosses to beat were already known, the DLC also brought a new leveling system that utilizes Scadutree Fragments scattered across the Land of Shadow. This significantly increases the difficulty of the DLC, particularly when it comes to boss fights.

While most of these fragments are acquired by going deep inside dungeons and exploring the hidden corners of this new region, some can be claimed as early as when the player first enters the new area. These early Scadutree Fragments can help players strengthen their character through blessings to get a leg up in the DLC content.

How do Scadutree Fragment blessings work in the Elden Ring DLC?

Shadow Realm Blessings from Scadutree Fragments are an additional level-up system exclusively used in the Land of Shadows.

The more Shadow Realm Blessings players acquire from Scadutree Fragments the more the player character’s stats increase. This upgrade simultaneously increases offense and defense, and acts as a permanent buff as long as the player is in the Land of Shadows.

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Stats for the same character after receiving four Scadutree Fragment blessings

However, these Shadow Realm Blessings, as the name suggests, only apply to the player if they’re in the Shadow of the Erdtree-exclusive area. The buff becomes null when the player returns to The Lands Between.

Players who start Shadow of the Erdtree with a powerful character will still feel powerful against common enemies around the overworld. As soon as they encounter the first boss, though, that changes. The best demonstration of this is with mausoleum mini-bosses. These bosses are player-character-style mini-bosses that drop new weapons and armor upon defeat. A regular light attack from the first one that can be found will easily take 40% to 70% of the player’s health, depending on their build. 

Because of this, finding early Scadutree Fragments and getting some blessings from them is vital for not immediately running into a wall.

All Scadutree Fragment locations

Here’s a map with every Scadutree Fragment’s location:

elden ring dlc scadutree fragment locations

Unlike Sacred Tears and Golden Seeds which appear at defined locations across the Lands Between, Scadutree Fragments can be found in a variety of different ways. There are some recurring locations like being found in front of Marika statues in churches or as drops from bosses. However, many are simply found as loot on the ground. Because of this, players get major rewards for thorough exploration.

There are a few locations that offer players multiple Scadutree Fragments at once, that can offer stacks of blessings:

  • Two can be found early on in the Church of Consolation
  • There are six Scadutree Fragments that can be found in Shadow Keep in various locations, including two from the Golden Hippopotamus
  • Four Scadutree Fragments can be found in the Scadutree Chalice

Where to find early Scadutree Fragments for blessings in Shadow of the Erdtree

Players can quickly find Scadutree Fragments surrounding the Land of Shadow starting area.

The best option to get quick, easy Scadutree Fragments is the Church of Consolation. To find it, immediately head east from the Gravesite Plains Site of Grace to come across a road. Following the road further east leads to the Church of Consolation which houses a Scadutree Fragment in front of a Marika Statue.

Furnace Golem

There’s a hard-to-miss Furnace Golem north of the Land of Shadows entrance. If players continue heading north from there they’ll see a Miquella’s Cross and Three-Path Cross Site of Grace beside one of the earliest Scadutree Fragments. These three Scadutree Fragments will get players two blessings right at the start of the Elden Ring DLC, which makes a big difference.

From there, players can find some more as they head to the first major dungeon.

There’s an opening west of the previous Scadutree Fragment leading to Belurat, Tower Settlement. Another Miquella’s Cross with a Scadutree Fragment is placed before climbing the stairs to the gate leading to the dungeon.

There’s a long bridge northeast of the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace. Crossing the bridge and continuing the path leads to a headless Marika Statue with a Scadutree Fragment and the Castle Front Site of Grace behind it. 

Continue from the Castle Front Site of Grace to enter Castle Ensis and eventually reach the Castle Ensis Site of Grace. The site has a Miquella’s Cross next to it with the final early Scadtree Fragment players can obtain.

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