Elden Ring save file location & how to back up or copy saves

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Manual backups of FromSoftware games are the smart way to play, but what is Elden Ring’s actual save file location and can players swap in someone else’s files to start the DLC early?

With Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC released out, players diving back into the game may want to experiment with save files on PC. Save file management is a great way to try out new builds without starting a New Game+, or to quickly get all ending achievements without having to start multiple playthroughs. It also comes in handy if a player fancies more of a challenge.

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Players looking to dive into the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion might want to use a save file from a friend to try out their build. Moving from consoles to PCs can be challenging, and not just because of the technical issues that popped up at launch. Players have to start from scratch, which is always daunting in a FromSoftware game. Managing an Elden Ring save file and manipulating them becomes easier when its location is known.

Elden Ring save files location on Windows

The Elden Ring save files are stored in the PC’s C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing location.

The location can be accessed from File Explorer by selecting “This PC” and navigating to the C: drive. If nothing is visible at the location, the files are hidden. To make hidden files visible, click View and check the box next to the Hidden Items.

Once inside the Elden Ring folder, there will be a folder with random-looking numbers. The numbers are the SteamID. Inside the SteamID folder will be a file with an sl2 extension; this is the Elden Ring save file. Copy the file and back it up either on an external hard drive or a cloud service to ensure it remains always accessible.

Can I use someone else’s save file in Elden Ring?

Players can use an Elden Ring save file manager to use saves from other gamers with their copy of Elden Ring. A simple copy-paste won’t work with Elden Ring save files, though. Importing a save requires the use of external software, particularly a save file manager.

While this might sound scary, there are safe options, like the Elden Ring Save Manager on Nexus Mods. Copying a high-level Elden Ring character can help players enter the DLC Shadow of the Erdtree faster.

However, only obtain save files from a well-reputed source. Any save file that is tempered with, altered, or had any values changed can result in an Elden Ring multiplayer ban. The ban will remove any online functionality from the player, so no co-op, invasions, or online features will be accessible.

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