How to duplicate remembrances in Elden Ring DLC & which to choose

Stone coffin altar in Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Edtree DLC lets players duplicate boss remembrances like in the base game, but the method is slightly different as it uses coffins found in discrete locations across the map.

While Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree introduced multiple new bosses for players to test their skills against, only 10 have the honor of being remembrance bosses. Offering unique weapons, spells, and tools, players definitely want to acquire and duplicate these remembrances before starting a New Game+ run. The trouble is that in the Elden Ring DLC, players will have to start multiple New Game+ runs in order to duplicate all of them.

Interacting with a coffin in Elden Ring DLC

Like the base game, the Elden Ring DLC lets players duplicate boss remembrances to get more of these powerful items. Unlike the base game, the bell-clanging Wandering Mausoleums don’t appear in the Land of Shadows and can only duplicate a few of these remembrances in each playthrough.

How to duplicate boss remembrances in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Players can duplicate Elden Ring’s DLC remembrances by using Stone Coffin Altars.

The base game had players locate Wandering Mausoleums and strike their feet until they fell, giving access to the Stone Coffin Altars inside. These mausoleums are absent in the Land of Shadows, as players find the duplicating coffins lying in locations near the three Finger Ruins.

Remembrance Duplication screen in Elden Ring

Players can interact with a remembrance coffin to open the remembrance duplication menu. There, players can select the remembrance they want to duplicate. Players can use every altar once per game, which means they’ll have to start a New Game+ to acquire every boss item. Remembrances from Elden Ring’s DLC bosses can be duplicated at certain Stone Coffin Altars found in the base game, while altars found in the DLC can also be used to duplicate remembrances from the main game.

As ever, all players have to do to trade in the remembrance is teleport to the Roundtable Hold in The Lands Between and talk to Finger Reader Enia. Select the “Receive power of remembrance” option to trade obtained boss remembrances for unique items. While every DLC boss remembrance can be traded to acquire one of two possible items, the DLC’s final boss is the only Elden Ring boss with three items to his name.

Stone Coffin Altar locations in Elden Ring DLC

The Land of Shadows has three Stone Coffin Altars players can use to duplicate boss remembrances, and they’re all found near Finger Ruins.

The first coffin is found in the Finger Ruins of Rhia, accessible through the Cerulean Coast. Players can teleport to the Finger Ruins of Rhia site of grace and continue riding Torrent while hugging the wall on the right. Turn left before running past some trees to see the altar in the open.

Every coffin location in Elden Ring DLC
Every Stone Coffin Altar location in Elden Ring DLC

The second coffin is found near the Finger Ruins of Dheo, which players can reach through the secret entrance to Hinterland. Go straight down the hill from the Fingerstone Hill site of grace. Turn left and go toward the edge of the cliff before running toward the area directly under the site of grace to find the next Stone Coffin Altar.

Finally, the last coffin is behind the Cathedral of Manus Metyr. Go southwest of the cathedral while avoiding the many Marionette Soldiers to find the Stone Coffin Altar on the edge of the water.

Which Elden Ring DLC remembrances should you duplicate?

The Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers and the Remembrance of a God and a Lord are the best to duplicate.

The Remembrance of a God and a Lord can be traded in for three different things including two different greatswords and the Light of Miquella incantation. Both greatswords offer players some of Radahn’s moves and have solid scaling across multiple stats.

The Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers gives players access to the Staff of the Great Beyond and the Gazing Finger. The Gazing Finger is a generally solid colossal weapon that has a powerful, unique AOE skill. The Staff of the Great Beyond is the lone weapon in Elden Ring that lets players cast both sorceries and incantations. Depending on player builds, certain other remembrances may be worth duplicating.

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