Fans hate Apex Legends’ new battle pass system, will it change?

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Respawn Entertainment and EA Games are under fire from fans over the newly revamped Apex Legends Battle Pass experience.

Apex Legends has been losing players at a steady rate. The hero shooter battle royale has left many players frustrated over rampant cheating and bugs in the competitive shooter, and Respawn Entertainment hasn’t been able to curb it. The latest Apex Legends seasons haven’t brought back lapsed fans and crossover events haven’t brought in newcomers at a rate where it makes up for those losses.

Overall, the community hasn’t been as healthy as when Apex Legends first launched. Respawn Entertainment is changing how the battle pass works in an attempt to keep players coming back, but this move has instead brought down the wrath of many of its remaining fans. 

How did they change Apex Legends’ battle pass?

Starting with Season 22, Apex Legends will have two different $10 passes each season that are only purchasable with real money.

Previously, the game’s battle pass gave players enough in-game currency, particularly Apex Coins, that they could then purchase the next battle pass without actually spending money. With this new change, players can no longer use Apex Coins to purchase battle passes. The new Apex Legends Battle Pass will still give Apex Coins to completionists.

Apex Coins can be used in the store to purchase weapons and character skins, but not battle passes. In the future, each season will have two battle passes, and each split will be priced at $9.99 in real-world currency. 

Apex Legends Premium Battle Pass bundle prices hiked with new split seasons

Apex Legends’ Premium Battle Pass Bundle will be replaced by the Premium+ Battle Pass which has a higher price.

In Season 21, the Premium Bundle costs $30 for the whole season. Starting with Season 22 the Apex Legends’ Premium+ option will cost $20 for half the season or $40 for the whole season, which is a $10 price hike 

The premium option will come with 10 unlocked ranks, 2 Legendary skin variants, 10 Exotic Shards, and all Legends unlocked for the pass. Per the official site, the changes are geared towards more, better, and quicker rewards. Fans have not agreed with that idea, however. 

Will they change the Apex Legends Battle Pass back?

Respawn Entertainment and EA Games will likely continue their planned battle pass changes, despite fan backlash.

The new system has fans accusing EA Games of gouging those who have stuck with Apex Legends despite recent struggles. There were longstanding complaints regarding the quality of the rewards in Apex’s battle passes, and making few changes while also hiking up the price has been as unpopular as one would expect.

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