New Apex Legends head glitch lets players shoot through walls

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A new Apex Legends bug is letting players seemingly land shots through props and terrain with a new form of “head glitch.”

Apex Legends is no stranger to exploits in terms of gameplay or security, but the latest example is arguably one of the worst. There’s quite literally no counterplay to it. A newly discovered exploit involves a player seemingly shooting through walls or terrain. Naturally, opponents are unable to hit them, as no body part of the shooter is exposed.

It’s not just pros who have to worry about this, either. This exploit is seemingly easy to execute, which makes it an issue at all skill levels of Apex Legends.

Can players really shoot through walls in Apex Legends?

Players can seemingly shoot opponents through walls by rapidly crouching and firing, a new use of Apex Legends’ “head glitch.”

An example of this exploit can be seen in a video posted by mizerytv, a content creator who streams Apex Legends. In this video, bullets are seemingly coming from walls, with mizerytv not being able to retaliate. Videos of this exploit being used then popped up across social media, particularly Reddit, demonstrating the technique in actual games.

In one piece of footage with the kill cam enabled, the shooter can be seen crouching rapidly. This is the key to the exploit.

When players crouch in Apex Legends, the line of sight in first-person view is actually higher than where their head appears from a third-person perspective. This means that while the shooter can see that over cover, the enemy cannot see them. By rapidly crouching while firing, it results in what seems to be a player shooting through walls when paired with a head glitch.

What is a head glitch in Apex Legends?

A head glitch happens when a player hides behind a wall or a terrain and only has their head sticking out.

In games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty, shooting works differently than what players see on-screen. In reality, bullets come out of the player’s camera, which sits on the character model’s head. However, the bullets are animated in a way that shows them coming from the barrel of the gun.

These kinds of situations can result in frustrating situations. In some cases this is still acceptable as the shooter will have a part of their body sticking out, usually the head, that the players can shoot. This exploit, on the other hand, has no visible body part sticking out which makes it overpowered.

The easy fix would be a kind of penalty for repeated crouching. Games like Counter-Strike 2 make the player get up slower with each successive crouch.

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