Check out Lidia’s moves in Tekken 8, find out release date info

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A new trailer from Bandai Namco shows the Warrior Prime Minister of Poland, Lidia Sobieska, returning to her fighting duties in Tekken 8 and her release date may be soon.

Lidia Sobieska is a newer addition to the Tekken franchise, debuting in Tekken 7’s fourth DLC season. As a late addition to Tekken 7, Lidia Sobieska wasn’t a top pick for pros but fans saw her potential. After the releases of Fahkumram and Leroy Smith, who are regarded as overpowered, Lidia was a breath of fresh air. 

Adding Lidia Sobieska as a DLC character in Tekken 8 brings another karateka to the game that is somewhat reminiscent of the Mishimas and Jin Kazama. The latest trailer shows that she retains her iconic moves, which provide the joy of catching opponents off guard and punishing them with rushdowns.

Lidia Sobieska Tekken 8 release date details

Lidia Sobieska will appear in Tekken 8 in the Summer of 2024, with a June arrival being likely. Bandai Namco did not disclose the exact release date.

Eddy Gordo was revealed in arrived on April 1, 2024 release date. That’s a roughly three-month gap between the game’s initial release and the arrival of Tekken 8’s first DLC character. Players can expect Lidia to arrive in June 2024, if Bandai Namco remains consistent.

Bandai Namco plans to release four DLC characters in 2024. A new DLC character arriving in Tekken 8 every three months is a logical cadence for this, and sets up a June release date for Lidia Sobieska.

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While many other Tekken 8 characters received complete makeovers, including the recently released Eddy, Lidia seems unaffected. The Polish karate practitioner changed her karate gi to have vibrant red flowers and waves. 

Lidia Sobieska’s Tekken 8 moves partly revealed

Lidia has a Polish Karate style with moves designed to be aggressive and has good juggling potential, similar to Jin Kazama.

Upon release, she was considered “nerfed” in Tekken 7 compared to other characters. The reveal trailer for the new Lidia shows “The Warrior Prime Minister” dishing out aggressive combos to her opponents. She has a moveset similar to Kazuya, Heihachi, and Jin, with a dash of Jun. 

Her defensive moves have received a significant boost to differentiate her from Reina, another karate fighter. The trailer also showcases her Rage Art, a few interactions with Jin and Reina, and plenty of in-game fighting. Lidia will be available to purchase for $8 or can be obtained in the Tekken 8 Year 1 Character Pass.

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