Eddy Gordo’s Tekken 8 moves and release date are now official

eddy gordo in tekken 8 against the sky

Eddy Gordo will join Tekken 8’s roster as the first DLC character and his gameplay trailer revealed an imminent release date.

When it comes to favorites, Eddy Gordo sits near the top for many Tekken fans. He’s one of the earliest practitioners of the capoeira martial art in fighting games and is among the most recognizable figures in the Tekken franchise, arguably even more than the current main character, Jin Kazama. Since his Tekken 3 debut, Eddy has become a staple of the series.

That was until Tekken 8 launched without the suave Brazilian fighter. His absence made fans worry that Eddy’s time in the limelight was over. Fortunately for them, these worries were quickly resolved when Bandai Namco teased Eddy as Tekken 8’s first DLC fighter. Now, fans finally get to see the iconic Capoeira fighter in action.

When is Eddy Gordo’s release date for Tekken 8?

Eddy Gordo will make his Tekken 8 debut on April 4, 2023. Players with early access can try him out on April 1, 2024.

Like everybody else in Tekken 8, Eddy got quite the makeover for the next console generation. His gameplay still looks familiar, with plenty of fast pokes and mixups to confuse the opponent. However, he’s got some new animations and tools to spice up his traditionally fast-paced gameplay.

Bandai Namco put a lot of love into Eddy’s moveset and presentation. His rage art ties back to capoeira’s communal dance roots and adds a bit of flair to the fighter’s already flashy moves. He also has classic outfits, perfect for those who don’t like Eddy’s current Zoomer haircut.

Next Tekken 8 Season 1 DLC fighter likely revealed

Lidia, Marduk, or Fahkumram may be the next DLC fighters added to Tekken 8 after Eddy Gordo, though Bandai Namco have not yet confirmed who it will be.

A data miner going by the handle of @shootmans on Twitter discovered code strings that revealed details on some unreleased fighters in the game. Included in this was evidence in the game’s code of Lidia, Marduk, and Fahkumram as Tekken 8’s Season 1 characters. The strings of data he found referenced each fighter’s respective country. If these findings are accurate, it would confirm Tekken 8 game director Katsuhiro Harada’s statement of guest characters not being a priority.

However, there was a separate leak stemming from the German PlayStation Store for the Tekken 8 Season 1 DLC Pass that included Eddy Gordo, Roger the Kangaroo, Armor King, and a new character named Xiao Meng. This makes it unclear who might be coming, but fans may not have to wait for long to find out who’s joining the fray next.

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