A native PS5 version of Minecraft may be coming soon, here’s why

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PlayStation 5 owners might be getting a gift from Microsoft as files discovered on the PlayStation Store may suggest Minecraft is getting a native PS5 version with a potentially imminent release date.

While Minecraft is playable on a long list of platforms, from the Nintendo 3DS to the Apple TV, some versions aren’t up to date with the latest features. Minecraft on PC and Xbox Series X/S have advanced features like ray tracing and to date, PlayStation owners have been stuck on the old PS4 version.

That might be changing soon, as new files from the PlayStation Store’s backend have been discovered suggesting Mojang Studios might be working on a native PS5 version of the game. This could add a long list of new quality-of-life improvements and graphical improvements for the console.

Will Minecraft get a native PlayStation 5 version?

Files found in the PlayStation Store’s backend suggest Mojang is working on a native PS5 version of Minecraft.

A title ID leak includes PPSA19638_00, PPSA19639_00, and PPSA19640_00 with a Minecraft logo attached to them. If they’re already in the PlayStation Store then the next-gen PlayStation 5 version of Minecraft might not be too far off.

Microsoft has initiated plans to bring several first-party games to competitor consoles like Hi-Fi Rush. While Minecraft has operated independently of Xbox even after Mojang was acquired by Microsoft, the studio has been noticeably slow with releasing a PS5 version of the game. While it took some time for an Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft to be released, there was no sign of a modernized PlayStation version until now.

What will Minecraft’s PS5 version have?

Although Minecraft’s PS5 version isn’t confirmed, it will likely have several features present in other next-gen versions of Minecraft but absent from the PS4 one.

Minecraft on Xbox Series X/S has had features like 120 FPS and enabled ray tracing since 2023, despite lacking a native version of the game. If PlayStation users get a native PS5 version of Minecraft, it’ll likely have these features. The launcher may also change from the creaky old one to a new-and-improved version.

With PSVR 2 available, the native PS5 version might also be compatible with the virtual reality headset. Considering Minecraft Windows already supports Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality without any added cost VR gamers with a PS5 have cause for hope of something coming to the console even as Sony is seemingly positioned to bow out of the space.

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