Hi-Fi Rush PS5 release date revealed, but where’s the Switch port?

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Fans have known that Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 for some time now, and Microsoft finally revealed its release date alongside info on a physical version.

Action-rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush surprised many gamers by becoming a sleeper hit in 2023 despite having limited marketing and coming from horror game developers Tango Gameworks. While Xbox Series X/S and PC gamers got the game in early 2023, PlayStation 5 players will get a chance to play the game soon.

In a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast, the company revealed its plans to pursue a multi-platform approach for Xbox first-party titles, and Hi-Fi Rush was one of the four games going to competitor platforms on an unknown date. Now, fans also have a release date for when they can expect to see the stylish game on PlayStation 5.

Hi-Fi Rush PlayStation 5 release date

Hi-Fi Rush will be released for the PS5 on March 19, and it is currently available to preorder from the PlayStation Store.

The Bethesda Software LATAM YouTube channel accidentally leaked the PS5 version’s release date when it uploaded the announced trailer earlier than intended. Other Bethesda social media accounts were quick to follow suit, however.

The PlayStation 5 version of Hi-Fi Rush will include all gameplay updates and modes, along with the “Arcade Challenge! Update!” that dropped on July 5, 2023, and is accessible in the hideout after completing the main game.

According to Bethesda Softworks’ website which announced the release date, “PlayStation 5 owners of the Hi-Fi Rushbase game can also pick up all the Costume Pack DLC upon launch, available for purchase separately.” This suggests that any future update and DLC will also be accessible for PlayStation 5 owners.

Hi-Fi Rush getting PS5 physical release

Alongside the PS5 release date, Bethesda also announced a physical release of Hi-Fi Rush for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions. While it’s currently unknown when the physical version will be up for release or preorder, as the only information fans have is that it’ll be “at a later date,” they’ll be supported by Limited Run Games.

The announcement of Hi-Fi Rush’s physical version comes after Phil Spencer publicly stated Xbox would continue to release physical media as long as there’s a demand for it. Though Spencer is saying this, Xbox has made significant divestments from the creation of physical media for its games and laid off workers associated with this en masse.

Regardless, those looking to get an on-disk copy of the game will have the opportunity to do so.

Is Hi-Fi Rush still coming to Nintendo Switch?

There is no official word of a Nintendo Switch release for Hi-Fi Rush.

Though the expectation was for the latest Nintendo Direct to reveal a Switch release, this didn’t happen. Data miners found definitive evidence that a Nintendo Switch release of Hi-Fi Rush was being created, but the lack of a reveal at the Nintendo Direct and the announcement of a PS5 version of Hi-Fi Rush without word of a Switch version suggests there may have been a change of plans.

It’s possible a Switch version may still be in the works but won’t be ready until later in the year. If so, it’s possible that Bethesda could have changed its plans and turned its eye to the Switch 2. There’s little doubt that Hi-Fi Rush will make its way to a Nintendo platform, but when that will happen or what platform it might be is now unknown.

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