Lidia release date info arrives with Tekken 8 Season 1 DLC surprise

Lidia in Tekken 8

Evo Japan 2024 gave fans a wealth of new information on upcoming fighting game releases. Tekken 8 fans were given details including the reveal of Lidia as Season 1’s second fighter, a DLC expansion to the story, and estimated release dates for both.

Tekken 8 launched to critical and commercial acclaim in January 2024. A month later, Bandai Namco announced Tekken 8 sold over 2 million units, the same amount that Street Fighter 6 did in 2023. The success of fighting games in 2023 has clearly continued in 2024 and Tekken may now rule the roost.

Even so, fighting games rarely stay without new content for long. Eddy Gordo launched Season 1 in April 2023, and it seems he won’t be alone as a DLC fighter for long. At EVO Japan 2024, Bandai Namco dropped a Season 1 trailer for Tekken 8, and it ends with the return of Lidia Sobeskia, Poland’s fighting Prime Minister.

When is Lidia’s release date for Tekken 8?

Lidia will debut in Tekken 8 in Summer 2024. No exact release date was given.

Eddy’s initial reveal was in January 2024, and he debuted three months later in April. Lidia will probably follow a similar reveal-release schedule if Bandai Namco stays consistent. Lidia’s appearance didn’t change much for Tekken 8, which is understandable as a relative newcomer to the franchise.

Notably, Lidia’s return follows a previous leak regarding Tekken 8’s Season 1 DLC that claimed she would be part of Season 1 DLC. The same leak also predicted Eddy Gordo, which bodes well regarding its long-term accuracy. Fahkumram and Marduk may fill out the rest of Tekken 8’s first season of DLC.

Will Tekken 8 Season 1 include Story DLC?

Tekken 8 Season 1 will add new story chapters to the game in Fall 2024.

In an unusual move for the franchise, the Mishima storyline will be extended within a game for the first time. In previous entries, DLC only added new fighters, all of whom had no real impact on the Mishima storyline that is central to the Tekken games.

Meanwhile, Tekken 8’s first new story chapter will put Eddy Gordo, a DLC character, front and center. Eddy will rejoin forces with former boss Jin Kazama in the battle against the Kazuya Mishima and G-Corp. Given Lidia’s political importance, she may also play a role in the new story chapter. 

Overall, Season 1 promises an exciting 2024 ahead for Tekken fans. 

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