Everything about Guilty Gear Strive Season 4’s start date, fighters

As Season 3 of Guilty Gear Strive comes to a close, fans have started gearing up for Season 4.

Guilty Gear Strive has enjoyed a solid 2024 so far. The release of ABA and the upcoming release of fan-favorite Slayer continue to keep the game’s competitive and casual scenes alive and well. In August 2023, Guilty Gear Strive hit an astonishing 2.5 million players worldwide, the highest in franchise history.

Another season of Guilty Gear Strive seems like a no-brainer for fans and Arc System Works alike. Though the third season is wrapping up, plenty of fan favorites are still waiting to be added to the game. These characters may just be the next fighter to appear. 

Will there be a Guilty Gear Strive Season 4?

Arc System Works confirmed that Season 4 is coming in March 2024.

After the exciting trailer for Slayer, Season 3’s final character, Arc System Works reaffirmed the news and told fans to “Please look forward to Season Pass 4” at the end of the trailer. Season 3 saw the return of Johnny, Elphelt, ABA, and Slayer, all returning fighters from previous games.

With Season 4 in active development, it’s safe to say that Arc System Works remains confident in the game’s continued success. The question now is who will be a part of Season 4’s next batch of fighters. 

When does Guilty Gear Strive Season 4 Start?

Guilty Gear Strive Season 4 will likely begin in Fall or Winter 2024.

Season 3 officially concludes with Slayer’s launch in Guilty Gear Strive on May 30, 2024. Based on Arc System Works’ release schedule with previous DLC, Season 4 won’t start until a few months after the latest character. No official date has been revealed.

For context, Season 1 ended with Testament’s release in March 2022, and Bridget’s debut launched Season 2 in August 2022. Season 2 ended with Asuka’s release in May 2023, and Johnny launched three months later to begin Season 3. Regardless, fans likely won’t wait long for Season 4. 

Who will be DLC fighters in Guilty Gear Strive Season 4?

Arc System Works has not officially announced any characters for Guilty Gear Strive Season 4, but there are still several notable omissions from past games that would fit in.

The biggest omissions on the roster are Dizzy, Jam Kuradoberi, and Venom. Those three appeared in both the Guilty Gear XX and Xrd series, but have not yet appeared in Strive. They don’t necessarily have an equal likelihood of being added, however.

Dizzy Guilty Gear Xrd

The Guilty Gear Strive developers ran a fan survey in 2023 that seemingly influenced the team’s plans. The results saw ABA, Elphelt Valentine, Slayer, and Dizzy all place in the top five across almost every region. Given how Elphelt, ABA, and Slayer are all released or confirmed, this means Dizzy is the most likely character to be added in Guilty Gear Strive Season 4.

The most popular behind those four was Robo-Ky. Robo-Ky was skipped over for Guilty Gear Xrd but appeared across all iterations of XX. His wacky moveset would be a sight to behold in Strive’s engine, though some of his unique elements from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core were folded into Nagoriyuki.

While those four could make up the season, Arc System Works could also add other fighters from past games, flesh out characters that appeared in Strive’s story, or introduce brand-new ones. All fans can do for now is wait until Guilty Gear Strive Season 4 starts.

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