How to find out MTG Arena server status and when it’s down

mtg arena connection lost screen

Getting hit with the “Connection Lost” screen right before a win in MTG Arena can be devastating, so how can players check the server status if they suspect it’s down?

Every online game has server issues at one point or another, and MTG Arena is no different. While players can enjoy their favorite TCG with friends and build their virtual collection with an assortment of free codes, it’s not all good times in the game. Whether it’s in the middle of a match or during the log-in process, it’s vulnerable to untimely interruptions.

Players who would rather avoid such frustration might wonder if there’s any way to check in advance if MTG Arena is down or has been experiencing interruptions. Thankfully, those players have a few options.

The WotC support page and official Twitter will let you know if MTG Arena is down

MTG Arena server issues and outages are reported on the official WotC Twitter and MTG Arena support page.

Players wishing to be notified whenever MTG Arena is experiencing interruptions should follow the official MTG Arena Twitter page, where any issues will be reported in real-time. To manually double-check before starting the game, players should go to the support page on the official MTG Arena website.

If everything’s looking good, the support page won’t say much, but if there’s an issue with MTG Arena or its server status, players should see a post there saying so. Players should also remember that it’s possible they can have issues playing the game due to their own internet connection. While playing a game, a hiccup from an ISP looks the same as the actual server going down.

MTG Arena Lord Of The Rings Themed Expansion Artwork

Patient players can test the waters with a casual match or two

One way to test for connection issues without major risk is to play a couple of unranked matches.

With the recent release of the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth Expansion Set, connection issues can be even more frustrating than usual. This set features a lot of cards with dense rules text and complicated interactions, making interruptions particularly infuriating for players who have been building towards an epic combo.

For players concerned about server issues costing them a crucial ranked win, playing some unranked matches allows time to suss out any potential issues in low-stakes fashion. If the unranked matches go off without a hitch, one can then move on to the ranked matches. If an interruption occurs, players may wish to avoid ranked matches for the time being.

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