Vampire Survivors 1.7.0: Find out what’s in the Chilling Update

vampire survivors chilling update teaser

Vampire Survivors continues to add new content, dropping its fourth major free update in 2023 with patch 1.7.0, The Chilling Update

With a new stage, character, and more, Vampire Survivors keeps giving fans reason to come back to the bullet hell game. The 1.7 update had its first trailer on September 26th giving a sneak peak of what was in store. The official Vampire Survivors Twitter page also confirmed the official release date for version 1.7.0 and the Chilling Update. 

The developer of Vampire Survivors has not been stingy with new content for fans, with each new content update being free of charge across Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile versions. With its stellar reviews and affordable price, it’s incredibly easy to recommend the game to anyone with a passing interest in the genre. Adding new achievements with additional content also gives longtime fans new reasons to come back and fall in love again.

What is in Vampire Survivors 1.7.0: The Chilling Update?

Vampire Survivors update 1.7.0 will include a new map, weapon, character and more all with an icy theme.

As the northern hemisphere goes into autumn, developer poncle has chosen a wonderful time to release a seasonally appropriate update. The newest map called Whiteout is filled with frosty fun, including new ice monsters for the player to slay. Hyper Whiteout is also unlockable once players collect 20 Orologians.

Vampire Survivors update 1.7.0 will also add a new weapon called Glass Fandango, which was shown during the original sneak peek. Glass Fandango is a spear that powers up with movement and does bonus damage against frozen enemies. This may prove to be a winning combination with the Clock Lancet’s enemy freezing ability and the Arcana Jail of Crystal (XIV).

Glass Fandango

She-Moon will be added to Vampire Survivors as the next playable character. There is still not much known for sure about the newest addition, but it can safely be assumed they will have an ice-themed starting weapon to go along with the new map.

When will Vampire Survivors’ next update come out?

Vampire Survivors 1.7.0: The Chilling Update launches on October 19, 2023 on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

The team at poncle have shown fans of Vampire Survivors a lot of love over the last year. There is a possibility that there will be more to the update than just what was originally in the teaser. It stands to reason that new achievements related to the new map, character, and weapon will be added as well.

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