Find out the AGDQ 2024 games, location, and dates

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Games Done Quick has revealed the full list of games that will have showcased speedruns at AGDQ 2024.

Since 2010, Games Done Quick has hosted semi-annual streaming events with the goal of raising money for charity by showing off the skills of speedrunners. Both Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick run for seven days, with round-the-clock speedruns. With so much time to fill, there is a wide variety of both games and speedrun categories that get showcased.

The list of games in ADGQ 2024 has been released, allowing fans to get excited about which titles and categories will get the spotlight. The seven-day event gives a big spotlight to speedrunning and raises a spectacular amount of money for charity.

What is AGDQ?

Awesome Games Done Quick is a yearly streamed speedrunning event held in January, with the purpose of raising money for charity.

Streamed on Twitch, Awesome Games Done Quick is a weeklong event where speedrunners show off their high-level skills by playing games quickly. The event raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, as of 2011. Throughout the history of the Games Done Quick charity marathons, over $46 million has been raised with the majority going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

Speedrunners can submit an application to perform a speedrun during the event. Prior to 2020, events were held in various physical locations throughout the United States. This allowed for fans of speedrunning to attend the event in person and be a part of the energy during the stream.

Games Done Quick

The event has moved online since 2021. This didn’t stop fans from donating, with the current donation record in GDQ history being set during AGDQ 2022. The events have since moved back to being held with crowds and AGDQ 2024 will happen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Both a variety of genres and speedrun categories get shown during AGDQ, so even video game fans new to the idea of speedrunning can find something interesting.

For example, Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted has the runner beat the game without actually beating any bosses until the very end through the use of glitches. Players can become Elden Lord in very short time this way and Games Done Quick events let speedrunners show off these absurd feats for a variety of both popular and niche titles. 

What games will be at AGDQ 2024?

There will be a large variety of games at AGDQ 2024, including Super Mario 64, The Last of Us: Remastered, and Undertale.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 will have a runtime of 153:43:00, meaning there will be a lot of time to fill with speedruns of all sorts. It’s not just AAA games getting showcased either, with niche titles like A Bug’s Life and Skater Gator 3D included. A tongue-in-cheek section called “Awful Games Done Quick” has games such as Virtual Hydlide highlighted, letting fans and speedrunners laugh along at the absurdity.

Virtual Hydlide

Fans can have some influence on the games played during the upcoming AGDQ 2024.

As a way to encourage donations, AGDQ 2024 has a selection of “bid wars” that are essentially crowdfunded auctions. Prizes vary from game to game but include viewers deciding things like which character to use, what the save file is called, or even which games will get played on stream. Included in the bid wars is the decision to have either Elden Ring or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice played during the event.

Currently, there is no set schedule for the games being played at AGDQ 2024. October 20th is when the first schedule is set to release, with the second coming December 1st after the second round of submissions. This will let fans know when to expect their favorite games to be live on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel. AGDQ 2024 runs from January 12 to 21.

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