Lies of P hit a sales milestone, but did it out-sell other Soulslikes?

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Lies of P by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio is the hottest new Soulslike game and it’s just hit a major sales milestone.

Just yesterday, the official Lies of P X account announced that the game had reached 1 million copies sold. This is quite an impressive feat for an independent studio just one month after its release. Given the widely praised combat, gloomy atmosphere, and fresh take on a fantastical premise, it’s a well-deserved milestone at that.

With this breakout success from previously nigh-unknown South Korean developers, it’s an exciting time to get into the game and see what they do next. The good news is that fans already know what’s in store.

How do Lies of P’s sales compare to other Soulslikes?

Lies of P has seen very strong sales, especially as a debut effort from a developer.

Elden Ring hit 12 million copies sold in 3 weeks. That eye-popping number has recolored what commercial success looks like in the genre, but the game has been an undeniable success. Lies of P compares favorably to other Soulslike games.

While Lies of P can’t compete with actual FromSoftware titles, it would be unreasonable to expect it to. Remnant 2, one of the most successful recent Soulslikes from outside of Fromsoft, reached 1 million units sold in the first week. While this does mean Lies of P isn’t the top-selling Soulslike, this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison either.

Remnant 2 is a sequel, building off the success of the original game Remnant: From the Ashes. It took From the Ashes almost a year to reach the 1 million sales mark. Meanwhile Lies of P, a brand new indie IP, hit that mark in just one month. That could establish Lies of P as one of the next big franchises in gaming.

Will there be any Lies of P DLC?

Neowiz has inadvertently confirmed there will be Lies of P DLC.

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Given Lies of P’s breakout success and strong sales, it’s natural to expect DLC to ship at some point. The people behind the game have confirmed that this will happen. A recent job posting for Round8 studio explicitly sought talent for developing Lies of P DLC. While this wasn’t intended as a general announcement, the public job posting did unintentionally let slip that DLC would be coming.

With that being said, all that’s known for certain at this time is that there will be DLC. As for when the DLC will come out and what will be in it, that’s still anyone’s guess. The story of Lies of P definitely left room for expansion, but it’s unclear whether it will be expanded through DLC, a direct sequel, or both.

Regardless, the fact that DLC is coming at all is reason to be excited, and given the game’s success for far, Lies of P’s future looks bright indeed.

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