Lies of P DLC revealed, and you know who the main villain is

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Lies of P is getting a sequel and DLC and “leaked” artwork gave hints about other possible storybook characters that could arrive in the game.

Pinnochio has become a go-to source of inspiration for people looking to create a dark fantasy story, whether they’re game developers or movie director Guillermo del Toro. Other fairy tales have received similar treatment and there’s no shortage of TV series, books, and movies that are effectively Avengers-style fairy tale crossovers. The “Director’s Letter” presentation for Lies of P strongly suggests that the smash-hit Soulslike will be joining that lot.

The Director’s Letter confirmed balance changes to weapons and an overhaul of the early game. The thing that has the most fans talking is confirmation of both a Lies of P sequel and DLC as well as artwork that teases what’s to come for the budding series. Warning: Spoilers for Lies of P ending ahead.

What will be in the Lies of P DLC?

Lies of P director Choi Ji-won confirmed the development of Lies of P DLC and revealed artwork that hints at a showdown between Pinnochio and Frankenstein. This lines up with a post-credits scene that introduces characters from other iconic fantasy stories.

While the highlight of the ending to Lies of P was the introduction of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, it also introduced another character in Paracelsus. Paracelsus is a real-life person who has served as the inspiration for a long list of characters, most notably Dr. Frankenstein.

Lies Of P Dlc Concept Art

Mary Shelly’s original novel starts aboard a ship set for the North Pole. Both pieces of concept art for the Lies of P DLC shown by Choi show watery environments, with the first showing a leaking turbine in an industrial setting while the other shows Pinnochio standing onboard a beached and broken ship. Choi also ends the discussion of the DLC by saying that the art is the “tip of an iceberg.”

Those are several hints that Pinnochio and Frankenstein will cross paths, but this would also thematically fit with Lies of P. The game’s version of Pinnochio is essentially the opposite of Frankenstein. Though both are manmade life forms, it would be a battle of inorganic vs. organic, evolution vs. devolution, and integration vs. rejection.

Lies Of P Dlc Concept Art 2

When is the Lies of P DLC coming out?

There is no word on when the Lies of P DLC will launch. While the DLC was accidentally confirmed by the developers, it’s unclear how far along it is in development.

Much like FromSoftware, Neowiz Games has been actively recruiting talent surrounding a planned increase in its development efforts. It’s now clear why, given how the studio is juggling content updates, DLC, and a sequel. 

With the lack of a proper trailer or any release window, it’s possible that it’s not close to being finished. Fans may have to wait for some time but there’s no shortage of other Soulslike games on the market including games like Lords of the Fallen, which will soon get a major content update of its own.

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