Lords of the Fallen will make Dark Souls look easy with next update

lords of the fallen

Hexworks is adding permadeath and randomizer mods to Lords of the Fallen in an apparent effort to make the game even harder than Sekiro, Demon’s Souls, or Dark Souls.

Alongside games like Lies of P, Lords of the Fallen has ushered in a new wave of Soulslikes that try to capture the look and feel of the Dark Souls franchise. Upon release, there was a lot of praise for the game’s unique mechanics including shifting between two planes of existence. However, Lords of the Fallen also received a lot of criticism for the game’s oversaturation of enemies.

In a Soulslike, a single enemy is enough to put the player on the back foot, and Lords of the Fallen throws mobs at the player constantly, which makes the difficulty annoying instead of engaging. Hexworks stated that it has been listening to community feedback in the latest patch notes for the game. The developers also outlined plans to add official versions of some common fan mods to Lords of the Fallen, including permadeath and a randomizer.

When are permadeath and randomizer mods coming to Lords of the Fallen?

Hexworks hopes to release permadeath and a randomizer before the end of 2023 as part of a New Game+ modifier system.

In its latest patch notes, Lords of the Fallen developer Hexworks confirmed that a New Game+ modifier system was coming before year’s end. In the meantime, the latest patch addresses some of the biggest concerns players had about Lords of the Fallen after its launch.

New Game+ now allows players to revisit the game while retaining all of their gear, progression, and items. This is particularly handy for trophy hunters and completionists who would rather not deal with the increased difficulty of a New Game+ on a new character.

Additionally, enemy density has been significantly changed to avoid the mobbing that has plagued many players’ first experiences. Crowd behaviors have also been adjusted to avoid swarming, ideally making for a more balanced experience.

Lords Of The Fallen Boss

Later this year, the ability to add modifiers to a New Game+ run will also be added. Included in these modifiers are permadeath and randomizers, which could make Lords of the Fallen one of the most brutal Soulslike experiences around.

Does Lords of the Fallen have crossplay?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen has crossplay across all platforms.

The latest Lords of the Fallen patch added crossplay multiplayer. The feature was previously intended to be available at launch, but stability issues for PC players saw it pushed back into content update territory.

Hexworks notes that it has significantly reduced the number of PC players experiencing crashes and slowdowns from the game, and the latest patch will likely continue that trend. It seems that Hexworks will be maintaining and updating Lords of the Fallen for a long time and future patches should serve to make the game even better.

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