All new Street Fighter 6 costumes revealed, here’s what to expect

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Street Fighter 6 has revealed the upcoming release of Outfit 3 costumes for all base game characters in a new trailer along with a limited-time sale on all editions of the game.

Street Fighter 6 is a game with a strong emphasis on personality and customization. Features like the communal World Tour area and the hub goods shop allow players to customize their avatars with unique emblems, flyers, and matching team uniforms for online battles and tournaments.

Unlike avatars, customization options for the series’ iconic characters have been limited to outfits and colors, with only two outfits available to players for the past five months. After a small tease last week, Capcom is now introducing a third, more casual Outfit 3 package designed to capture the distinctive spirit and personality of each character.

When will the Street Fighter 6 Outfit 3 costumes be released?

Outfit 3 costumes for the 18 base game characters are scheduled for release on December 1 in Street Fighter 6. The casual costumes for the four Year 1 DLC characters will be available along with the release of the final Year 1 character, Akuma.

Capcom’s column provides insight into the design philosophy behind these outfits. For example, Jamie’s formal Chinese attire he wore in the ending illustration was chosen early on in development to reflect his politeness and the influence of his grandmother and master’s upbringing, while Dhalsim’s outfits show a more social side, adorned with various items given to him by others along the way. 

In the trailer, players can see how Zangief’s suit reflects his intellectual side, and how Lily’s costume appears to be inspired by local Mexican customs and celebrations. While these are not full-blown character customization sets such as those that can affect player avatars, the suits still incorporate many personal touches on par with the options available to the player’s avatar.

The rest of the outfits more or less follow the same thought process, drawing inspiration from concept art illustrations, character endings, characters’ local cultures, or offering a playful take on the characters’ themes. Marisa’s wedding dress makes her look like a war goddess rather than a blushing bride, and Blanka’s mascot suit turns him into the shape of the doll he used to sell, Blanka-Chan.

What are the available editions of Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 comes in three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. All of them are now on sale for a limited time with a 34% discount.

The Standard edition only includes the full game. The Deluxe edition includes the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, which includes four additional characters and only the first set of outfits for those four characters. The Premium edition has two additional outfit sets for the Year 1 characters, and the announced Outfit 3 costumes for these four are also included in the Premium edition. 

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There’s also a purchase bonus for both the Deluxe and Premium editions. If players purchase the Deluxe edition, they receive 4,200 Drive Tickets, while purchasing the Premium edition nets them 7,700 Drive Tickets.

Drive tickets are an in-game currency that can be used to purchase customization items from the in-game Hub Shop. They are similar to fighter coins, though fighter coins can only be purchased with real-world money.

Does Street Fighter have classic costumes?

Yes, Street Fighter 6 features several classic costume outfits that can either be obtained from the in-game World Hub or purchased with real-world currency.

Players can unlock certain classic outfits for free by befriending and gifting masters in World Tour mode. Reaching a mentor’s level of 100 in World Tour mode will unlock a classic outfit along with additional colors for the costume. 

Alternatively, players can purchase outfits from the merchandise store for 50 fighter coins each. Players can purchase 250 fighter coins for $6.99 USD, and 900 fighter coins are required to purchase all of the classic costumes in the game, making the total cost of all classic outfits approximately $24 USD.

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