Capcom says new SF6 third costumes completed, to release soon

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A recent update from the official Street Fighter 6 Twitter account revealed that the creation of third costumes for all of the SF6’s characters has been completed while also teasing more details to come soon.

Since its release in June, Street Fighter 6 has been receiving additional content as part of its Year 1 Ultimate Pass. The pass includes the promise of four additional characters added to the base roster of 18, additional costumes, new stages, and 7,700 Drive Tickets to exchange for character color sets and other potential digital goods. 

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New DLC characters Rashid and A.K.I. are already available in-game, along with the Outfit 1 and Outfit 2 costumes for the entire SF6 roster. The release dates for the remaining two DLC characters Ed and Akuma, as well as the Outfit 3 costumes, have yet to be announced. But Capcom’s latest tease does give some clues about the new SF6 costumes and their potential release date.

When will Capcom release Street Fighter 6 Outfit 3 costumes?

Street Fighter 6’s Outfit 3 costumes release date is still unknown, but it could be coming very soon after Capcom confirmed that work on the costumes is complete.

An image shared by the official Street Fighter account on X shows Jamie wearing a classic Chinese Cheongsam, previously seen in the artwork players acquired after maxing out Jamie’s bond on the World Tour. This is the fifth Outfit 3 concept art to be revealed, following Guile, Marisa, Juri, and Dee Jay’s outfits being shown in August. Each costume is expected to come with 10 different color schemes, according to the Year 1 Ultimate Pass description on Steam.

When will Capcom release Ed and Akuma for SF6?

DLC character Ed is scheduled for release in SF6 sometime this winter, while Akuma is expected to arrive in Spring 2024, all of which is in line with the release windows of previous DLC characters.

The Year 1 Ultimate Pass for Street Fighter 6 dishes out a new character every season, which is effectively every three months, as described in a trailer for the content on YouTube. The first DLC character Rashid was released in the summer of 2023, just before this year’s EVO tournament. A.K.I. arrived on September 27, within the fall 2023 window.

With Ed confirmed for release in winter 2024 and the first DLC batch spanning a full year, it is reasonable to expect that the remaining character Akuma will wrap up the first year of content with his release before additional DLC characters are revealed in 2024. Fans can expect those new characters to also be accompanied by new costumes for SF6.

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