Luke, Ken, Cammy third costumes revealed for Street Fighter 6

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Capcom has revealed a new set of costumes for the roster of Street Fighter 6.

Outfits have always been a fun aspect of Street Fighter’s history ever since Street Fighter Alpha 2 gave Chun Li two unique costumes. In particular, Street Fighter IV would be the first game to give the entire roster an expansive wardrobe of costumes to fight in.

Street Fighter 6 is no different in this regard. Its latest update on social media gives fans a sneak peek into the newest outfits that can be worn by the fashionable Street Fighter cast. With the number of SF6 players still on the rise, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of the franchise.

Which characters have new outfits in Street Fighter 6?

Luke, Cammy, Lily, and Ken’s Outfit 3 slots have been newly revealed.

The new outfits were revealed on social media by Capcom and were received positively by players. Although it’s still just concept art, Capcom hasn’t yet disappointed when it comes to delivering 2D drawings to the 3D space. In fact, a few of these costumes have been seen by fans before.

For example, Luke’s Outfit 3 is practically the same look he had in Street Fighter V. There may also be an option to go for a shaved head look, if you want to lean into the traditional MMA aesthetic. Cammy’s elegant new outfit was actually spotted previously in World Tour mode if you follow her entire quest line and is seemingly a “tactical” suit of some kind, given the context she was wearing it in.

Street Fighter 6 cast artwork

Lily has beautiful new clothes that evoke more of her Mexican heritage. The color scheme is reminiscent of another fighting game character, the Filipino fighter Talim from the Soul Calibur series. Coincidentally, Talim also happens to be a fighter who harnesses the power of the winds with twin weapons.

Lastly, fans get a glimpse of what Ken looked like before his homeless makeover in Street Fighter 6. With a fancy jacket and beautifully groomed hair, it reminds fans that Ken Masters is indeed very rich. 

When are the new Street Fighter 6 costumes coming out?

There is no official release date for the new Street Fighter 6 costumes at this time.

In the same announcement, Capcom clarified that there would be more reveals down the line, hinting that each fighter would be getting an Outfit 3. The release date is also set to be announced soon.

Fans will be hoping that the new outfits aren’t too expensive. Given the mild backlash over each individual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costing $15, it’s a concern that many players have about their fashionable fighters.

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