All of Trigun Stampede Season 2’s confirmation, release date info

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Season 2 of Trigun Stampede is confirmed and it’s coming to continue the reboot of the 1998 classic, but release date info is still hard to come by.

With stylish, cel-shaded 3D animation reminiscent of Guilty Gear Strive, Trigun Stampede took the original series and reimagined it for modern audiences. While it’s technically a reboot, Trigun Stampede’s events occur before the original 1998 anime. Many fans were initially dubious about the redesigns and new direction, and but the show quelled these worries with a stellar first season. 

After the finale, fans clamored for a second season, and Orange quickly granted their wishes. The studio confirmed that Vash would “rise again” but stated that the next season was firmly in pre-production as of March 2023. So what’s the current status of the anime and when can fans expect it? Here’s everything that’s officially confirmed.

Will there be a Trigun Stampede Season 2?

A second season of Trigun Stampede was confirmed to be in development by Orange.

In a lengthy thread discussing the success of the first season, the studio thanked everyone involved from the director to the voice actors to the human resources department. Included in this was the promise that Vash the Stampede would ride again.

Though it was a long announcement, little was said about the actual show. It’s unknown how many episodes the season might have, when it will come out, or what adventures await Vash and his cohorts.

Trigun Stampede Season 2 release date info

Studio Orange has not confirmed a release date for Trigun Stampede Season 2 or any general window for when the premiere will happen.

Since the studio’s initial confirmation, it has been silent about Trigun Stampede’s second season. Studio Orange’s upcoming project is the final season of Beastars, which makes a Trigun Stampede Season 2 in 2024 unlikely. While Studio Orange has done multiple yearly releases in the past, it’s far from the norm. 

Trigun Stampede’s second season will also be its last. The official social media account teased Season 2 with the words “Final Phase Coming Soon!” Given the original Trigun only had 26 episodes total, Trigun Stampede will likely not surpass that number. Notably, the first season took five years, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented for the second season to take a while.

Fans waiting for Trigun Stampede can look to Arcane Season 2‘s release date for encouragement, as the first run was said to be cooking for seven years but there’s just a three-year layover for the second season.

What will happen in Trigun Stampede Season 2?

The second season of Trigun Stampede will likely adapt parts of Trigun Maximum and certain parts of the original anime.

After the events of Trigun Stampede finally converge with the original anime, Season 2 may start adapting more familiar story beats. The origin of Vash the Stampede and the aftermath of what happened to July will likely play a major role in the season’s narrative. 

After all, the destruction of July was a foregone conclusion for fans who watched the original anime on Adult Swim or read the manga. What Stampede does is add a personal angle to the tragedy.

The trailer for season 2 also teases the debut of iconic characters like Milly Thompson and Chronica. These characters were staples of the original anime, and longtime fans lamented their absence. Hopefully, the second season gives fans closure on the cult classic franchise. 

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