Warwick is coming in Arcane Season 2, here’s why it’s a big deal

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Warwick has just been confirmed for Arcane Season 2 after Netflix’s latest teaser of the League of Legends adaptation.

Arcane is one of the most successful video game adaptations of all time. The series garnered massive critical praise and delighted League of Legends fans and non-endemics alike. The last episode of Arcane aired in November 2021 and fans have been patiently waiting for any news on the project.

Riot and Netflix have finally answered those prayers by giving fans a teaser for what’s to come in Arcane Season 2. By far the most exciting reveal from the teaser trailer was the confirmation of a popular fan theory about the character Vander being none other than Warwick.

Is Warwick in Arcane Season 2?

Warwick is confirmed to be appearing in Arcane Season 2.

Although a furry claw hanging above Singed was teased at the end of Arcane Season 1’s third act, there was no confirmation that this was the lycanthropic League of Legends champion. There was no clear view of the claw’s body, so it could have been any of the mutants he had created with Shimmer. A new teaser trailer for Arcane Season 2 leaves nothing to the imagination, as the gigantic form of the wolfman is plain as day.

Instead of the sickly purple veins of other Shimmer monsters, glass tubes full of green liquid are embedded into the creature’s arms. Comparing the look of this gigantic wolf creature with the uncaged wrath of Zaun himself, the resemblance is uncanny.

Is Vander Warwick?

Warwick is likely deceased Arcane character Vander, resurrected against his will.

Vander Arcane

Vander was the adoptive father of Vi and Powder at the start of Arcane Season 1. Vander meets his end in a factory explosion accidentally caused by Powder. It was this traumatizing event that pushed Powder into becoming Jinx. Vander’s body was seemingly never recovered, which left many fans speculating that the corpse was taken by Singed and experimented upon. 

Thematically, this makes sense. Vander was referred to as the “Hound of the Underground” and in-game quotes from Warwick hint at the fact that he knew Jinx and Vi at some point.  Given how Arcane loves to add a tragic twist to iconic champions, this is the perfect opportunity to flesh out Zaun’s underdeveloped antihero. 

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