Everything on Arcane Season 2’s release date, story, and trailers

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Arcane is one of the most successful video game TV adaptations of all time, and fans can’t wait to follow the journeys of Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn in Season 2.

Riot Games has been working hard at expanding its League of Legends IP across several different media. In addition to regularly adding new content to its wildly successful MOBA game like the champion Hwei, Riot has been consistently releasing new spin-off games like Project L and Hextech Mayhem. Its most successful expansion, however, has been the animated series Arcane.

The first season of Arcane took the world by storm when it first hit Netflix in November 2021. Not only was it a success among existing League of Legends fans, but even people who swore to hate everything about the series in the past are now wondering when Arcane Season 2 will come out. Here’s everything known about the present and future of Arcane’s second season.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane

Was Arcane Season 2 canceled?

Arcane Season 2 has never been canceled, although the creators weren’t sure if there would be interest beyond a single season. According to former Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent, Riot was unsure if the first season would be a success, which is why Riot and Fortiche didn’t start working on the second season until the first batch of episodes was met with overwhelming praise. If the reception hadn’t been so positive, there might not have been another season to look forward to.

There were also fears among fans that Arcane may have been canceled. Netflix canceled dozens of shows seemingly at random from 2020 to 2022, and the quiet surrounding Arcane led some to wonder if it had axed alongside the likes of Warrior Nun and Inside Job. This isn’t the case though, with production continuing as expected.

Was Arcane Season 2 confirmed?

Arcane Season 2 was confirmed by Riot Games immediately after the first season concluded. The confirmation was made through a post on Twitter.

Fans never had to wonder if the animated sensation from Fortiche Production was going to end suddenly, as Riot was quick to confirm that more Arcane was coming. There was initially some vagueness regarding where the show would come out, but it was quickly confirmed that the second season was once again heading to Netflix.

Jinx in Arcane

Where can I watch Arcane Season 2?

Arcane Season 2 can be watched on Netflix once it’s released.

The show is not out yet so it isn’t watchable anywhere right now, but when it does come out it will be found right alongside the first season. Netflix remains the official distributor of the show and much of the news about the next season has come through official Netflix channels.

If Netflix, for whatever reason, decided to drop it, odds are that some other streaming platform would pick it up. Other streaming services like Prime Video and Disney+ are among the top contenders of Netflix and would surely want to acquire an established popular show.

Arcane Season 2 trailers

Arcane Season 2’s trailers haven’t revealed much in terms of the show’s content but have served to get fans excited over its launch. Aside from announcing the second season, the trailer strongly suggested that the voice actors of Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx will be returning as they’re all audible in the background.

Arcane Season 2 announcement trailer

The announcement trailer was released shortly after the conclusion of the first season, letting fans know that a second season was truly in the works after ending on a cliffhanger. The trailer did not include any indication that it would be released through Netflix, though the streaming service confirmed the news later. It also confirmed that Arcane Season 2 would continue the stories of Jinx and Vi, rather than pivoting toward other League of Legends characters.

Arcane Season 2 release date trailer

A brief trailer gave a confirmed release window for the show. This wasn’t necessarily a surprise for fans as the release date was leaked beforehand, but it was still welcome news given how nothing had come out on the show in two years.

Arcane Season 2 release date details

Arcane Season 2 will come out in November 2024.

There isn’t an exact release date for Arcane Season 2, but it was revealed at the Tencent Video V Vision Conference in China that the series is set to make a return in Q4 2024. Tencent Video distributed the show in China and Tencent Holdings is the owner of League of Legends creators Riot Games. Though there were rumors and fan hopefulness, Arcane Season 2 will not be released in 2023.

This release window was narrowed down further by the creators of Arcane. The official X account of Netflix made a post announcing that the second season of Arcane would be coming out in November 2024. The lack of an exact release date may be due to an intent to roll the season out in multiple parts, which was what happened with the first season.

mel jayce viktor arcane
Mel, Jayce, and Viktor.

Arcane Season 1 full story, with spoilers

Arcane Season 1 has three acts that are distinct from one another but work to further the overall story. 

The first act takes place in the underground city of Zaun. It follows orphaned sisters Vi and Powder who have ended up in the care of a local hero named Vander. Their misadventures see them at odds with the authorities of Piltover, the well-to-do city that lords over Zaun, as well as the drug lord Silco. Those forces converge and by the end of the act, Vi gets arrested by Piltover, Powder gets taken in by Silco, and Vander is seemingly killed by Silco’s underlings.

The second act branches out into world-building as Jayce, an inventor from Piltover who was robbed by Vi and Powder, climbs the city’s ranks. His genius leads to him gaining political power, which he awkwardly learns to wield at the behest of his girlfriend Mel and ailing workshop partner Viktor. Vi is sprung from prison to help Caitlyn, a friend of Jayce, investigate Silco which leads to her coming face to face with Powder, who is now the right hand of Silco and the crazed inventor known as Jinx.

The third and final act is where the simmering tension between Jinx and Vi, and Piltover and Zaun, comes to a head. Every character decides which side they want to take and where their loyalty lies, leading to explosive conflict. Jinx kidnaps Caitlyn in order to lure out Vi, which leads to a fight where Silco is accidentally killed by Jinx. In turn, she fires a rocket into the Piltover Council’s chambers while it’s in session with Jayce and Mel in it.

caitlyn and vi in arcane

Are there Arcane Season 2 story leaks?

There have not yet been any leaks regarding the story of Arcane Season 2.

While there aren’t any leaks, it’s almost certain that the season will explore the aftermath of Jinx’s attack on the Piltover Council. Jayce, Mel, and Caitlyn’s mother were all caught in the blast, and odds are that not all of them will survive. It will also show what this means for the conflict between Zaun and Piltover, which was technically ended immediately before Jinx bombed the council.

It’s also possible that Noxus will react to the attack. Mel, the daughter of the brutal Noxian warlord, was caught in the blast, which could lead to a declaration of war.

Singed Arcane

The second season will also continue every other League of Legends champion’s story where the first season left off. Viktor’s continued health struggles, the reintroduction of Singed, and Heimerdinger’s exploration of Zaun will all likely be explored. This season is expected to bring the Arcane version of these characters closer to their League of Legends counterparts.

Which new League of Legends champions will be characters in Arcane Season 2?

Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Viktor were the stars of Arcane’s first season but they weren’t the only champions in the show. Ekko, Heimerdinger, Singed, and others made an appearance and Arcane Season 2 will likely bring in even more. Here are some of the champions that could make an appearance.

orianna league of legends


The Lady of Clockwork Orianna canonically used to be a regular girl of flesh and blood until an accident in the lower district of Zaun led to parts of her body being replaced with machinery. She might be featured in Arcane Season 2 but may have actually made an appearance in the first season of Arcane.

When it comes to established League of Legends lore, Orianna isn’t stated to be the daughter of Zaun’s mad scientist, Singed. However, Singed is shown in Arcane Season 1 sulking over a photo of a girl with Orianna’s hair and later tells Silco he “once had a daughter.”

warwick league of legends


Vander, Vi and Jinx’s adopted father who was seemingly killed by Silco at the end of the first act, is heavily implied to be the League of Legends champion Warwick. These implications come from both the champion’s in-game biography and the events of the show.

At the end of the third act, in the same scene where Singed is seen holding a picture, the camera zooms out to see what looks like the hand and arm of a werewolf. Additionally, many fans speculate that the growling and howling at the end of the second season’s announcement trailer were of Warwick. Vander’s nickname was also “the hound of the underground,” which certainly doesn’t work against the lycanthropy theory.

darius league of legends


Darius is known as the “Hand of Noxus” for being the nation’s most feared and battle-hardened leader. With Jinx’s indirect attack on Mel, a Noxian aristocrat who was sent to Piltover, the nation of Noxus will likely retaliate in some way.

Mel’s fate is unknown as of now but as the daughter of Ambessa, Noxus could bring down its full might on Piltover both out of retaliation or out of opportunity. This could also mean other Noxian-based champions aside from Darius might make an appearance.

tryndamere league of legends


What looks to be a Freljordian helmet is seen hanging off of the wall of Benzo’s shop, directly on top of the front door. Although there’s a chance that it’s simply a nod to Tryndamere, there’s still a chance that the Barbarian King might make an appearance in the second season of Arcane, if only to seek a new challenge by picking a fight with one of the main cast members.

ryze league of legends


Although not confirmed, a character who looked like the Rune Mage Ryze made an appearance in the second episode of Arcane’s first season. He rescued Jayce and his mother by using some kind of realm-warping magic, similar to what Ryze uses.

Since Jayce mentioned in the first season that the man who saved his life back then is his inspiration to become an inventor, he might get the opportunity to tell his idol in person if Ryze makes an appearance in the second season. Though the steampunk trappings of Arcane don’t fully align with Ryze’s pure high fantasy style, runes are explicitly stated to be a component in Jayce’s Hextech, so there is a lingering connection between the two characters.

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