Arcane Season 2 finally release date info, here’s when it’s coming

Jinx and Vi in Arcane

Fans of League of Legends and fantasy TV in general have been hyped up for Arcane Season 2 and there’s now an estimated release date.

Arcane was a massive success for Riot Games and Netflix. Video game adaptations are all the rage in Hollywood but few have been as critically lauded as League of Legends’ animated series. Though all parties confirmed plans for Arcane Season 2 shortly after its inaugural season wrapped up, silence from Riot and a massive cull of original programming by Netflix had some wondering if it had quietly been canceled.

Fans excited to find out what happened to Jinx, Vi, Viktor, Jayce, and the rest of the cast don’t need to worry, though. With the second season now having a release window, Arcane fans can officially start getting excited.

Arcane Season 2 release date

Arcane Season 2 is set to arrive in Q4 2024. The reveal came at the Tencent Video V Vision Conference in China. Tencent Holdings is the owner of Riot Games and Tencent Video distributed the show in China. 

No exact release date was given for Arcane Season 2 but making good on that would actually be a quick turnaround for the show. Surrounding the launch of season one, Riot heavily stressed that the show had been in development for six years. While this wasn’t strictly true, it was also made clear that there wasn’t any pressure to launch the show before it was ready. 

A three-year development cycle wouldn’t be rushed when other shows like Netflix’s Baki Hanma franchise have averaged one 13-episode season per year since 2018. This is still half the time that the first season took.

Arcane was showered with praise for its story and animation, so Riot and animation studio Fortiche Production face a stiff challenge to match that level of acclaim. Riot is also pinning much of its hopes for transforming League of Legends into a cross-media IP on the show’s success. Arcane Season 2 having a release date this far separated from the first season bodes well for its chances, though.

What will happen in Arcane Season 2?

Arcane Season 2 will show the aftermath of Jinx’s attack on the Piltover Council. The first season ended on a major cliffhanger for each character. 

Arcane Season 2 is set to be a direct sequel to the first season, starring the same cast of characters. In the first season’s final moments, Jinx launches a rocket into the Piltover Council’s chambers while it’s in session, with Jayce and Mel caught in the blast. Viktor becomes increasingly wary of the power of his inventions and reluctant to use them to remedy his failing health, leading to a reunion with Singed.

Jinx And Vi

Zaun may or may not have received its independence, but de facto leader Silco is dead and anarchy may fall upon the rest of the main cast as a result. Meanwhile, as Piltover and Zaun face a probable power vacuum, the leader of the warmongering empire of Noxus is present.

Jayce, Viktor, Vi, and Caitlyn are all yet to become the versions of the characters that they are in League of Legends. Those iterations of the characters are likely to move closer together as the show progresses.

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