When is A.K.I. going to release? All about Street Fighter 6’s latest

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A.K.I is slithering her way to Street Fighter 6 as part of the game’s first year of DLC, and she looks positively venomous. 

Street Fighter 6 is enjoying commercial success as more and more players flock to the well-received fighting game. Capcom is responding by pumping out new content and updates for their flagship arcade fighting franchise. Players got to play as new character Rashid as the first Year 1 DLC addition, and now it’s time to sting opponents with A.K.I. The latest gameplay footage shows A.K.I in action as she struts, slithers, and crawls around the battlefield in fluid and hypnotizing motion. 

A.K.I is a new addition to the series and is making her debut in Street Fighter 6. Here’s what you need to know about her and when she’s coming to the game.

How does A.K.I’s play?

A.K.I has a sneaky and deliberate play style, as she is an assassin who received training from F.A.N.G, another devious character introduced to the series in Street Fighter 5. 

A.K.I. uses various poisons to take down her enemies. A new gameplay trailer shows her assassinating a character and enjoying the experience to the fullest. Her menacing laugh echoes as she stabs her victim multiple times. 

Game director Takayuki Nakayama describes A.K.I as “a combination of the Poison Hand and the Fanged Snake Style martial arts.” Her moves resemble that of a snake and she strikes just as quickly. She has poisoned claws and she makes great use of them during combat. Her move set involves quick jabs when in tight and utilizing high mobility to snake around her opponent. 

In her gameplay trailer, A.K.I is seen dishing out quick strikes to Chun-Li and using a variety of grapple moves against the series veteran. A.K.I’s gameplay looks to be fast, reactive, and best at mid-ranged. She poisons her opponents who continue to take damage until they hit A.K.I back. 

When is A.K.I releasing?

A.K.I is releasing on September 27, 2023. Her in-game presence was first revealed a few weeks ago with the TMNT DLC, and the character won’t take much longer than that to arrive. 

Players with the Year 1 Character Pass, the Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition, or the Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition will receive A.K.I automatically on her release date. The character can be tried out for an hour with a “Rental Fighter” ticket so that players can make a sound decision before buying her. A.K.I will also release with a second costume showing off a fancy dress, also ready to be purchased at launch. 

Could A.K.I be annoying in online gameplay as players use zoning to remain far away from their poisoned opponents? Only time will tell. A.K.I can be purchased for 250 Street Fighter points, which is equivalent to $5. 

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