Here’s the Street Fighter 6 Season 1 DLC schedule, character list

street fighter 6 dlc season 1

Street Fighter 6 is finally rolling out its Season 1 DLC characters and while Rashid’s release caught some by surprise, the whole season schedule has already been confirmed.

Seasonal DLC releases with a handful of characters spaced out across a set amount of time are the norm in fighting games at this point. From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Guilty Gear Strive, almost every major fighting game utilizes this approach to DLC. The big variable is how open the developers are about the release windows for their characters.

Capcom isn’t a completely open book, but the company has confirmed all the characters that are included in the first batch of DLC and a release window for each one. Here’s the full Street Fighter 6 Season 1 DLC schedule.

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Street Fighter 6 Year 1 schedule, full character list

Street Fighter 6 DLC Season 1 will see four characters added to the game’s roster within a year, including three familiar faces and one new rival. The characters will be released one by one, a few months apart from one another. Fans can buy the Street Fighter 6 Year 1 Character Pass or Year 1 Ultimate Pass in order to unlock all the characters upon their release.

Here is the full list of characters and when they are set to launch.

Rashid (July 24, 2023)

Rashid arrived in Street Fighter 6 in buggy fashion. Thankfully, things were smoothed out in short order. The Street Fighter 5 character was a force in his original game but started off as a lower-tier character in Street Fighter 6. He remains a nimble, rushdown-focused character who can place heavy pressure on opponents.

A.K.I. (September 27, 2023)

A.K.I. is the first original character that will arrive in Street Fighter 6 via DLC, and dropped in September. She has a connection to Street Fighter 5’s F.A.N.G. and shares the poison theme with her moves, but has a hyperactive and sadistic personality. Her moveset boasts rangy normals, prolonged juggles, and unique movement options including the ability to slither along the ground. She also has the ability to deal damage over time in the same way as F.A.N.G.

Ed (Winter 2023)

Ed was introduced as a child in Street Fighter 4 in Balrog’s ending and became a proper playable character in Street Fighter 5. In the lore, he was meant to be a vessel for M. Bison’s spirit. That plays out in the game with Ed having similarities to both, with a dash of Dudley. He had Balrog’s full-screen punches with more of an aerial game as well as the ability to juggle opponents with speedbag flurries. His unique V-Skill allowed him to grab opponents and pull them towards him, though it’s unknown whether that will return.

Akuma (Spring 2024)

Street Fighter 6 DLC Season 1 will close out with a bang. Akuma will arrive in Street Fighter 6 in Spring 2024 with a brand-new look. While he had a consistent style throughout most of the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 5 gave him a big overhaul that made him look much wilder. Street Fighter 6 is taking that a step further.

Akuma has traditionally been defined by his air fireballs, ability to juggle opponents with his Tatsumaki kicks and Shoryuken, and access to an extra super move, the Shun Goku Satsu. Street Fighter 6 will likely add something new, but expect all that to return.

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